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Raffi Manuelian

Raffi Manuelian’s Legal Guides

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  • New Drunk Driving Study and DUI Arrests

    A recent study by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration enumerating the various characteristics of law enforcement officers when it comes to drunk driving arrests has this drunk driving lawyer in Los Angeles contemplating the ramifications this study might have o...

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  • Who To Pick For Your Jury Trial

    While doing my thesis for my Masters program, I was fortunate to be able to interview hundreds of jurors and study the socio-economic and racial influences between a juror and defendant. What I found was that each allegation which is being charged has a different jury make-up. To...

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  • Defending Resisting Arrest Charges Under Penal Code Sections 69 and 148(a)

    The primary and most important difference between Penal Code Section 148(a) (Resisting Arrest/Misdemeanor) and Penal Code Section 69 (Resisting Arrest/Felony) is that under Penal Code Section 69, there is a requirement that there be evidence of resistance caused " the use of ...

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