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Raffi Manuelian

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  • Penal Code 288

    Could a DA charge a person with a misdemeanor under Penal code 664/288 instead of a felony? Also, I was reading about people v lewis and that person was granted a 1203.4. If that person doesn't have a felony or a misdemeanor could he ask to be off...

    Raffi’s Answer

    The answer is unfortunately: No. Even as a misdemeanor, you still have to comply with Penal Code Section 290 which requires you to register as a sex offender 5 days before or 5 days after your birthday for the rest of this person's life. The only other realistic way is to get a gubernetorial pardon (unlikely to happen with this charge). Additionally, a PC 288 is not supposed to be allowed to be expunged by the court. Sometimes the court clerk will do it do to oversight, but technically it is void by law.

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