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  • My step-dad touched me but he is sexual dysfunction so nothing really happened. He touched my breast and gave me a credit card.

    He did the same thing to me in 2009, I screamed and my mom came stopped him. In Aug. 25th he got in my room at midnight and touched my breast. I woke up and against him. I told him I will call 911 and told his daughter and his son what he did to m...

    Lonnie’s Answer

    My colleagues have said it perfectly. If he touched you it is a crime. You should report it.
    As for the Amex cards, it seems two things are going on here. 1.) the first card has your name on it and you spent the money. Amex may look to you to pay that back.. 2.) the second card which has his name on it - seems he is committing fraud on the CC company.
    You don't say how old you are or how old you were when the incident's happened. That may effect what charges might be brought, and how liable you might be for the credit card charges. However, it doesn't change the fact that what he did was wrong.

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  • How can I obtain a copy of my criminal case other than from my attorney?

    I keep getting the run around since last week. I cant keep wasting time on waiting for him to decide when he's gonna give it to me... Is there another way about going in me getting my copy???

    Lonnie’s Answer

    It all depends on what information you are actually looking for. You can always go to the clerk of the court where the case was filed and get a copy. However, not everything will be int he court's copy i.e. discovery, etc. Discovery will be only in the DA's file and your attorney's file.
    Also, you didn't say if charges are pending or it has been completed, but if completed you will find all copies of the exhibits, motions, transcripts if any were produced, and jury instructions.
    By CA. rules, your attorney has to provide you a copy of your file upon request, however, he may have to redact certain information depending on the case.

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  • Is a criminal case dismissed if no court date has been set after a discovery hearing between lawyers regarding a felony?

    When checking the status of a case under the LAPD's Inmate Search website, the person was bailed out using a bondsman. Under "Disposition Code" is states "Bond," and under "Sentencing Days" zero is listed. The discovering hearing was about a week ...

    Lonnie’s Answer

    No, the case has not been dismissed just because there is no new date listed on the LAPD's inmate finder website. You state that the person was bailed out, therefore he is no longer in LAPD's custody. The website only updates court dates for inmates.
    If you want to find the status of the case, you could try calling the detectives who you spoke with previously, or if you have the case number. you could call the court clerk to find out the next court date.

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  • I read fictional stories featuring minors on an adult erotica page . The police have my pc on other grounds , will I be charged?

    I would never condone the abuse of a child but I thought it was not illegal to read fantasys or roleplay online regarding this. I myself was abused so I know how damaging it can be . My pc was seized because someone who'd had access to it was spea...

    Lonnie’s Answer

    The laws in the UK are different from those in California. You would need to check with a local attorney. However, from what you posted, you need to speak with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. These are serious charges here in the US and I'm sure are also in the UK.

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  • Can I expunge a non-violent felony charge in California?

    I was put on probation and have since not gotten into any trouble. It's been about three years or so.

    Lonnie’s Answer

    Technically there is no such thing as expungement in California. However, a Petition for Dismissal accomplishes what most people think of when they want to expunge their record.
    You can petition for dismissal under Penal Code 17(b) if probation was granted, you are not serving time currently on any other charge, nor still on probation for any other charge, you have fulfilled all the conditions of probation for the entire period or have been discharge from probation early.
    If you meet these conditions the felony is reduced to a misdemeanor and then can be expunged.
    Many of the attorneys on AVVO can help you with this.
    Good luck.

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  • I need representation to fight loitering for prostitution 653.22(A) case.

    I picked up a girl from a street thinking we would have a good time but both of us got arrested after reaching a hotel and I had paid for the room and came back to the car. I told the officers the girl got in the car for a date and no money has be...

    Lonnie’s Answer

    I agree with my colleagues. You need to find a local criminal defense attorney. You can use AVVO to search in your area..
    Also you should not post details as this is not a secure forum. That being said. the DA will have to prove that you lingered in a public place without a lawful purpose with the intent to commit prostitution. While the intent is generally the most difficult to prove, the DA can use circumstantial evidence which can be persuasive to a jury in sex cases.
    Contact a defense attorney and go over the specifics of your case and what defenses are available.

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  • What would happen if I failed a formal probation drug test because of thc in california.

    I have my medical marijuana card. I'm on probation for felony cultivation of marijuana. I havent been drug tested in the entire year I've been on probation already. I was wondering if they ever would even bother calling me to test me. I dont ever ...

    Lonnie’s Answer

    I agree with my colleague. I've had clients on probation not see their probation officer for over 2 years and then, all of a sudden, get a call to test. It's a risk if your probation doesn't exempt you for medical use. If not, you might try to have your probation modified to allow medical use, but I'd first make sure you will test clean since asking for modification could trigger a test.

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  • If I use someone elses papers when I was a minor and got cought will this show on a background check ?

    When I was 16 I asked my parents if I could stay over my causins house for a weekend and they agreed my causin and I decided to go to Cabo San Lucas for more fun since I was under age I decided to Use her sisters Id since She was over 18 When cros...

    Lonnie’s Answer

    You say you "got caught" however, you didn't say what the outcome was. Were you arrested, convicted, pleaded? You were a juvenile then, so your records might be sealed, however, as my colleague stated, in the days of the internet, not much is private any longer.

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