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Karl Anthony Gerber

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  • Happy client!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lorena

    Who is Karl Gerber? What is the Employment Lawyers Group? I can tell you a little of what my experience is/was.

    It all started almost 6 years ago when I was "fired" for taking Maternity leave. I will never forget the words from my previous employer "you're fired!". Or maybe I will. Not sure how I found the team but I did. The office staff is wonderful, very respectful.

    Karl & Eric worked on my case for 6 years. I wasn't sure if I was able to trust attorneys because of the old saying "don't trust them, they sell out!" WRONG!!! I must say they're very honest, trustworthy, humble and most important they care about YOU!
    When we went to trial Karl (aka The BEAST!) Gerber puts on a show. Not only does he attack, he makes sure the JOB is well done. Points the facts out clearly and makes the defendants witnesses cry. Feels pretty awesome to witness that.

    We won my first trail, but they (previous employer) wasn’t happy so they appealed. My previous employer was scared to face him again on my 2nd trial. Our trial was going to be sometime this year but I am assuming they (employer) didn't want to face the BEAST. We did end up settling for a what I think was a reasonable amount. The BEAST was able to get me 4 times my annual salary. Karl wasn't happy because he knew he would nail it once again in trial. But I was able to walk-off satisfied.
    I am very happy with my results and you will be too. If you're looking for an attorney with experience call KARL "THE BEAST" GERBER...... 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

  • Old Client

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    He has done a lot of labor cases and knew things about the industry I am in because he represented other clients. The office has a lot of people who can do things on the case. One day Karl Gerber had four of his people doing things for my case at once while he was taking a deposition of the person who made the decision to fire me. Ultimately, the case was won for a confidential sum which was more than I would have earned at the job in 10 years. I ended up finding a better job after the case ended so it was sort of a windfall.