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Gerald Gould Knapton

About Gerald Knapton

About me

Hello, you know how attorney's fees can really crush a company's bottom line. Well how do you know if you got what you paid for? Has a client questioned your fees? What are the prevailing market rates in your community? What options do you have to deal with a dispute over legal fees? Are the charges that your opponent has submited reasonable? I can answer these types of questions as I have reviewed over $2 billion dollars in bills (and work product) and have testified many times.


Traveling in Japan became an interest many years ago when I married a woman who was born and raised in Tokyo.  Tokyo folks are something like Manhattanites--in that they don't seem to really believe that anything outside their little area is REALLY worth visiting.  So we made a deal that one visit to Japan would be to Tokyo and the next visit would be to a place in Japan of MY choosing.  Because of this deal (and because my wife speaks Japanese) we got to go to almost all of the out of the way spots in the country.  We have many friends in Japan and I believe that I have a fairly good understanding of many aspects of the culture and I would welcome any sort of inquiry that has any connection to anything Japanese.


For my "pro-bono" work, I recently became a member of the Board of Directors of the Pasadena (CA) Humane Society and SPCA, which is a 100+ year old non-profit that handles the animal affairs for 7 cities.  



My one real indulgence is my Porsche Carerra. 5 minutes in it makes me happy!

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