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Harris v. Police Department

Case Conclusion Date: 04.02.2013

Practice Area: Civil rights

Outcome: Successful Jury Verdict

Description: We represented older African American client who was brutally handcuffed and detained for hours by police (SWAT Team Style with guns pointed at his FACE for no reason) in his own home for reasons wholly unrelated (and at that time, unknown) to client. Client was never even arrested, but did sustain a broken wrist from handcuffs, a broken clavicle, as well as a re-breaking of a broken clavicle that had just healed. Client had also just made huge recovery from a massive stroke, and was unarmed, and wearing nothing but thin shorts when he was brutally manhandled by police after the cops were repeatedly and frantically admonished by the client and his children, who had to watch their father be subjected to this cruel abuse, that our client not only had the clavicle injury, but also just had a massive stroke and could therefore not comply with the absurd requests the officers were making (which in light of his visibly obvious handicaps, were impossible for him to do). After years of litigation and offers of ZERO dollars by the police department and the City, our firm brought in three other incredible firms for the trial and ultimately there was an award of approximately 1.6 million dollars (after being reduced by the Judge after a motion for new trial was brought by the defense). Because this Civil Rights case allows for attorneys fees, a motion was set and the court was going to rule on a request by all of us Plaintiffs lawyers for about 2 million dollars in fees ON TOP of the 1.6 million dollars already awarded to our client. Prior to the Court's ruling on the attorney fee motion, the defense opted to settle (after a post-trial mediation took place at the defenses' request) for an amount that is confidential, but is going to ultimately total over $2.5 million dollars between attorneys fees and the clients jury award. It has never felt so good to make a person a millionaire as it did in this case, with our client who comes from very humble means and is still in shock at the outstanding results we obtained from him and the fact that he is literally a millionaire now. It must be said, the money is well deserved and we cannot say that justice never prevails as it sure did in this case.

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