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Miyuki Nishimura

Miyuki Nishimura’s Answers

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  • I my wife and i are seperated, can I file for child support and physical/joint custody of my children in Los Angeles, CA?

    We have been seperated for at least a year, not legally, but I am a father and she is threating to move away with them.

    Miyuki’s Answer

    You can file a petition for custody and support without filing dissolution in CA.

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  • Husband and I are going through a divorce. Can I change beneficiaries on life ins policy, etc?

    I changed my life insurance, pensions, retirment beneficiaries to our children already. Beneficiary was my husband. Do I have to change it back to my husband? I changed it after the petition for dissolution was filed, but has yet to be finalized.

    Miyuki’s Answer

    You can not change beneficiaries once the petition is filed. It is automatic restraining order. Look at the back page on summons.

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