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Mark L Tseselsky

Mark Tseselsky’s reviews

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  • Mark Takes The Time To Answer Your Questions

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Diana

    Mark is a wonderful attorney. Very patiently answers all your questions. He helped me sort thru all the complicated stuff in my divorce. He dedicates a lot of time and makes sure that every case has the best outcome possible. He is very knowledgeable. Mark was reasonable about his billing. He had a long term strategy to get my ex to settle. It took about a year long than I would have liked. But the strategy worked in the end.

  • I hate lawyers but this one is different

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ryan

    My only experience with lawyers has been dealing with a bitter custody battle over my son,
    So needless to say I hate all lawyers. I still hate all lawyers, but of all the lawyers I have dealt with this matter in multiple post judgement modifications, I hate Mark Tseselsky the least. I hired him to help me with transferring foreign judgment to California and two post-judgment modifications of custody and visitation orders. He is very conservative about his billing and tries very hard to get the best result. ..... So if you have to use a lawyer use Mark. Did I mention I hate lawyers. :-)

    If you have any questions you can call me 818-321-6181

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, Mark Tseselsky has proven to be an 11!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rebecca

    Mark has proven to be an outstanding Attorney, with the knowledge necessary to get exemplary results in the courtroom. But there is one more gift that sets Mark above the rest, Mark genuinely cares and has become more than just our Attorney, Mark has also become our friend. One whom we still keep in touch with to this day.

    Our Story:
    In January 2012, DCFS (Department of Family Services) turned our world upside down when they removed my two grandchildren from their mother's care (then ages 5 months and 3 years) and placed them into a Foster Home over 60 miles away, because the DCFS case worker decided my daughter was in an ‘unhealthy’ relationship. Of course, she left him to get her children back, which we soon found out was an extremely stressful and expensive hardship that no decent parent should EVER have to endure.

    During the next 9 months, we bent over backwards for DCFS (my daughter and myself), drove over an hour, each way, so we could visit with the kids every Saturday a couple of hours at a time, took (costly) parenting classes, maintained contact with our case worker, and so much more.

    In June 2012, (three court appearances later), was our review date in court. Spent five minutes with our ‘Public Defender’ to inform us what they (DCFS and commissioner) had decided on already. We felt defeated (again) as we left without any answers as to when the children may come back home.

    I had enough of feeling helpless and scoured the internet for something...anything... that may provide information on what we could do. After reviewing many websites I chose to leave a message on here asking if anyone could help shed some light on this whole mess. a reply was received. THIS IS HOW WE MET OUR NEW ATTORNEY, MARK TSESELSKY

    Not only did Mark thoroughly answer our questions, advise what to expect at our next appearance, and calmly reassure us that we were not the only ones going through this. Mark actually fought for our parental rights. We were soon granted overnight and weekend visits with the kids and things were finally looking up.

    Well, September was month 9 with the children still in foster care. So, Mark decided to take our case to trial... WE WERE ALLOWED TO PICK UP THE KIDS TO COME HOME PERMANENTLY THAT SAME DAY!!

  • Mark Tseselsky is a brilliant attorney.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Albert

    Mark is an intelligent, honest and hard working attorney who consistently delivers extreme client satisfaction and technical excellence. He was with me every step of my long journey as my family law attorney and I am grateful for having him on my side. He felt my pain as a father losing his daughter and fought for me. God bless Mark and his family...

  • He got my good results at court

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tamara

    Mark was part of a team of attorneys at Law Offices of Vincent W. Davis & Associates. This law firm is on it! I was referred to this law firm from another attorney. A few hours after I called, I already had an appointment. I met with Vincent Davis and Bob Granieri. From the minute that I walked through the door Bob was already helping me with a difficult situation. I had a case with DCFS. The social workers threatened to remove my daughter. Bob went to court for me. Mark Tseselsky also went to court for me. My lawyers worked hard for me to make sure that my daughter was never removed from me and that I was treated fairly by the social workers and the judge. I would highly recommend this law firm. If you want to contact me to make sure that this review is real, please email me at [removed by Avvo staff].

  • Not a divorce lawyer of choice

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    This is not the lawyer you want if you are looking for timely response to your questions and in filing for divorce. I dealt with Mark regarding my divorce that was settled out of court. It took him more than 3 months to prepare and file the paperwork for a simple divorce that did not involve children or real estate. On the day of the signing, he still was unsure of how to fill out the paperwork... Perhaps he is an expert in other aspects of law...certainly not in divorce, in my opinion.

  • Wunderkind: He Got My Kids Home In a Flash

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Nicholas

    The law firm pitched a perfect game in the World Series. Mark Tseselsky and Vincent Davis were so prepared they did not have to put on the case. They defeated DCFS' petition against me at the speed of light and got my children home to me and my wife the same day! With this law firm you get first class service, first class treatment, and first class results! If you want to talk to me about Vincent Davis or Mark Tseselsky you can email me at

  • Trustworthy, caring and intelligent

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ken

    We are forever grateful to Mark for his awesome work on our Exemption Denial appeal with the Department of Social Services. His research in the early stages of the case was fantastic as he found a case similar to ours and used it against the prosecution. He handled my wife with care and feeling as this was an emotional incident to have to rehash over and over again, but his patience and expertise made it possible for us to win our case with confidence. I would have liked him to answer my emails a little quicker and to be on time for phone appointments a bit more, but I am anal about things like that :) Don't let distance stop you from hiring Mark. We live over 2 hours away from Arcadia, but everything was handled as if we lived in the same town. The one time we did a one on one meeting, Mark prepared us better than any lawyer I have seen, and thru my business I deal with lawyers all the time. You can email me at if you have any questions or concerns about this firm. They were reasonable with the hours billed, though it is a high dollar amount per hour, they don't over bill you extra hours. It was worth every dime to win the case!

  • Honestos Abogados Si Cumplen Su Palabra!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Miguel

    I met Mark when I hired the firm of Vincent Davis to help me fight the social workers. They promised me that I will have my kid back in less than 2 months and they kept their promises. Mark Tseselsky worked on my case to win. He wrote the right paperwork to show the judge that social workers' supporting documents had no real evidence. Mark Tseselsky argued at my trial that DCFS failed to prove their case. The judge agreed and now my girlfriend and I have our child back. DCFS was very abusive towards me and especially my girlfriend. The social workers threatened amd terrorized us repeatedly. The social workers wanted to force us to take the deal and not fight. They lied and promised us that we would get our child back if we do what they want. Thank God Mark convinced me to stay strong and not sign anything, not agree to any deals. I knew that they had no case and Vincent Davis, Bob Granieri and Mark helped me prove it to the judge. My name is Miguel Villanueva and you can email me at to verify that I am a real person and this review is truthful.

  • Brilliant Family Law Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by bernadette gutierrez

    Mark Tseselsky, an associate attorney, in Law Offices of Vincent W. Davis & Associates met with me and stayed late into the night drafting every possible kind of paper to get me out of my mess. The law firm went to court for me on an emergency basis and got the judge to order my ex to turn over my daughter to me right away. Mark then went to several hearings for me until he got me everything I wanted and more in a very fast amount of time. I went from very unfair orders to having proper custody, visitation and child support orders. My ex was also ordered to pay part of my attorneys’ fees. The people at the office were very helpful and professional. Mark was on time to the hearings and he responded to my questions and concerns right away. He kept me informed about what is going on in the case by email and if I had questions he would answer my calls right away.
    I am very grateful that Mark helped me. I felt very important as a client. If Mark did not help me I would still be stuck with ridiculously unfair orders and my ex would be laughing at me because I did not have the money to hire an attorney.
    You can contact me about this review by calling me at 626-476-2592 or emailing me at