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  • My experiences working with this Attorney

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Elder Law client

    • what he said: that he would litigate wherever the Case was assigned (9/2006)

    what he did: resigned, once the case was tranferred from LASC Central to LASC Southeast (4/2008)

    • what he said: he supported my wife's appointment as Conservator of the Person of my Mom (10/2007)

    what he did: advised and supported opposition to my wife's appointment as Conservator (4/2008)

    • what he said: he was committed to getting me the best results possible (11/2006)

    what he did: when ruling after ruling went against us and tensions rose on all sides, accused me of setting him up to contest his fees, and accused me of making him look bad to opposing counsel and the PVP attorney, then told me my behavior forced to him to quit my case (11/2007 thru 4/2008)

    • created a conflict of interest by getting a Professional Fiduciary appointed as Conservator of my Mom's Estate, while I was still his Client (1/2007)

    • told me I wasn't his Client anymore, when I disagreed with his and the Conservator's decision to stop working on a Settlement agreement (11/2007 thru 4/2008)

    • took 3 months to file Conservatorship Petition (12/2006)
    • late on filing a Demurrer Opposition - (8/2007)
    • late on filing opposition to an Ex Parte application to Dismiss - (3/2008)
    • did not file an opposition to a Notice of Related case - (12/2007)

    Incomplete/Pointless work:
    1. spent 2 days on argumentative emails back and forth with my brother, Douglas (1/2007)

    2. spent 1 day writing a letter with an idle threat to file an action against opposing counsel for receipt of stolen funds

    3. never finished court ordered mediation (11/2007)

    Inappropriate Billing
    1. Bills for work caused by his mistake or his missed deadline
    2. Bills for incomplete/pointless work
    3. Bills for phone calls where nothing was accomplished due to poor communication

     poor listener - frequently interrupts
     not able to focus on one topic at a time
     doesn't allow enough time for discussions, returns phone calls when he only has a couple minutes to talk

     fond of blaming actions of others for 'forcing' him to make a certain decisions (see last point in HONESTY section)
     blames Court for un-favorable rulings

     suggested I do computer work for him and allowed conflict/disputes from computer work to harm effort on legal project
     asked me to do computer work to help him with his other clients
     asks me to do errands related to getting Pleadings filed
     asks me to go to Hearings to file Pleadings
     fond of threatening the Client that he will resign from their Case, causing worry, which results in emotional suffering

     I hired him to get me appointed as Conservator of my Mom, today he is assisting and encouraging people to oppose my appointment