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Karen Ilene Rose

Karen Rose’s reviews

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  • Reliable

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    Karen Rose, I amazing , reliable and attentive . Karen , put my mind at ease , she called me , even when she was out of the office , from her cell phone. She kept me informed , and updated on what was going on with my case .

    Thank you Karen .

  • Karen Rose Has Both Brains and Heart

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Paul

    I called EVERYONE and I mean everyone, the ACLU, even, to find representation for my legal dilemma. I was in the dark and was up against a wealthy, private institution, regarding their discrimination of me as a disabled person en route to finish my Master's program. Mrs. Karen Rose, who promptly e-mailed me the very same day that I received a referral for her, was very helpful from the get-go; she got back to to me immediately, exceeding my expectations as a counsel for my plight. She always responded to my inquiries in a timely fashion and also calmed my worries about the nature of the case. I felt safe and most of protected. Without having to get into too many details about my personal case, I would have to say that Mrs. Karen Rose---lawyer, mother, wife----is an exemplary person who cares about her clients because she possesses empathy for the vulnerable. How she believed in the rightful continuation of my education assisted me in re-coordinating my perception of who I was up against. She knew I wanted to finish my degree) and advised me on all the steps that were required to issue an internal complaint against the university as well as contact the US Department of Education for a formal investigation of school. She met with me in person; she even offered me her legal services pro bono because I am 135% above the poverty line and she perceived that my plight was unique: that I needed legal help, one way or another, while everyone else had already turned away from me (mostly likely because they couldn't get a dime out of it).

    Ms. Rose's professionalism, her kindness, her pragmatism and her knowledge of the law helped me---as a client---sway an entire room of university bureaucrats from an ill-favored disadvantage to a favorable outcome, wherein I was given the opportunity to finish the education that I so desperately wanted to receive, particularly as it pertains to the completion of my degree. She help me understand the law better; I know now what my rights are under the ADA; I also know what to do should anything similar happen, God forbid, in the future in regards to my circumstances. I think the real strength that Ms. Karen Rose has is that she treats you with dignity, almost as if you were an extended part of her family and she guides you and defends so that your the outcome of your case is in your favor. Hence, rather than being perceived as an obstacle to the university's bureaucracy, I became a success, not a burden to the school, all because of Ms. Karen Rose's help. She was understanding; and for this I am grateful. I highly recommend her to anyone who has legal needs within her areas of expertise.. From an objective standpoint, looking in, as if from outside, it clear that Ms. Rose does all she can for her clients. She is not a fraud. I learned that part of the process is what I bring to the table as a client, too. Therefore, let it be known that if you are willing to fight for case with Karen, you are in good hands, should you choose to accept the process. Law is not a joke. Entire lives and fates are on the line; and in my case, Ms. Rose did everything in her power to ensure I was well-taken care of and was protected.

    With utmost clarity, I give this attorney 5 stars across the board. ;)

    Thank you and best of luck in your endeavors seeking an attorney.

  • Professional and Responsive Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Hazza

    I met Karen a month ago, I had spoken to at least 3 attorneys about my case in education. I found Karen responsive, thorough, and creative in her advice. Also she is a very professional attorney who treated me with respect and care. In my dealings with her, she has always taken the time to explain thoroughly to me and ensured that I got the services needed. I wouldn't hesitate to refer clients to Karen as I know they will be in good hands.