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Harry J. Nelson

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  • Dental Scams, and Retrieving Records and X-Rays

    Today I had an emergency trip to the dentist, sort of. I have had such extreme pain with a tooth that even with pain killers (over the counter but recommended for tooth pain) I could not sleep or even think well enough to do math calculations. I c...

    Harry’s Answer

    As to your second question, you have a legal right to your records under California's Patient Access to Heatl Records Act, known as "PAHRA" (Cal. Health & Saf. Code § 123100, et seq.). PAHRA is California's principal law governing the access to your own records. You need to make a written request and can be billed of reasonable clerical costs for copying (up to .25 per page or .50 for microfilm, plus clerical costs). Records must be provided within 15 days and can be inspected even sooner.

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