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Sana Swe

About Sana Swe

About me

My Purpose:

I established The Law Offices of Sana Swe to provide highly competent and experienced legal representation to those involved in workplace disputes.  Employment law is all I do.  It's all I've done for more than 15 years.  I am deeply committed to giving each of my clients first-rate legal representation, practical advice, outstanding personal service, and exceptional value.  


Areas of Practice:

I represent clients in employment disputes involving, among other things, wrongful discharge, discrimination, sexual and other forms of harassment, retaliation, reasonable accomodation, wage and hour violations, family and medical leave issues, defamation, and non-competition violations.  I also negotiate separation and employment and executive compensation agreements, counsel employers regarding compliance issues, train workforces, and conduct independent investigations.  


Why I Offer Tremendous Value: 

I believe my clients enjoy a unique advantage.  Before establishing my own firm, I worked for, and later become a Partner in, the prestigious Employment Law Department of Paul Hastings LLP.  While there, I worked with some of the finest employment lawyers in the country.  My training was absolutely unparalleled, and my experience, which involved representing employers exclusively, invaluable.  Subsequently, I have represented employees, as well as employers, in a wide range of employment matters.  As a result, I have an inside view of the strategies and tactics that the opposing side likely will use and I can prepare in advance for them.


In sum, I have a thorough understanding of the law, impeccable credentials, and a proven track recod of vigorously and successfully representing clients in a wide range of employment matters.  This record has included advising clients, training employees, negotiating settlements and executive contracts, and representing clients in mediation, arbitration, and trial.


If you are in need of representation for an employment matter, please call me at (310) 826-6111 or send me an email at