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Revital Subar’s reviews

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  • Medical Malpractice Not to be handled by Revital - Missed Deadlines

    1.0 star

    Posted by Thomas

    I am from Boston and for a referral because this lawyer is cheap. I contacted her about a medical case. Basically, a really bad doctor in Los Angeles had left a sponge in me after a minor surgery. The sponge was discovered about two weeks later and caused more problems than the original injury to my ribs. When I contacted Ms. Revital Subar, I was referred because of affordability as most thought the claim was borderline (not able to get a 33 percent contingency) and the problem was this case was several years in the making and I was told by Ms. Subar that she could file late because statue of limitations would not be an issue. Well, I learned the hard way that when the more experienced lawyer tells you that you have 60 days to file a complaint, to listen to that person. Instead, she took my money and let the deadline pass.

  • You need to trust your lawyer to tell you the trust otherwise they can't be your advocate.

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Corporate client

    This lawyer was subcontracted by my company for the first year of her legal career. Thus, my disappointments are tempered by the fact she is grossly inexperienced. However, she is disorganized and more disturbingly, out to get money to pay her student loan down before the interests of her clients. An easy example is filing for unemployment after putting on the court record she has a job at a law firm. Recently, she was caught in a series of inconsistent truths which resulted in significant paperwork, fines, penalties, interest charges. Here are some examples. One of her duties was to register the corporation within the state of its filings. She failed to do so and the company went into default. The renewal notice was found in a deep stack of papers, Same with the corporate email accounts. She failed to pay for the bill and the email goes down and she spends time on the phone with Google (days - no joke) instead of working on legal files. There literally is no area she touched that was no in some ways screwed up. She moonlighted on a labor board case while billing for full and after hours time on a criminal case. The ultimate is stating that she could not continue on a criminal case because she has been employed at a law firm. When asked which firm, she says "don't harass me, it's confidential." Then, we get paperwork from EDD whereby she is claiming unemployment. She gets calls about the problems she creates and does not get back to her clients. And this is someone who kept her from waiting on tables.