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Edwin J Castellanos

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  • Obama Signs Landmark Domestic Violence Legislation

    President Obama recently signed into law the Federal Violence Against Women Act of 1994, which expands protections for women who become victims to domestic violence. The Federal Violence Against Women Act (Act) originally passed in 1994 as part of a larger crime bill. It was rea...

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  • How An Experienced Divorce Lawyer Can Help You Divide Concealed or Omitted Assets During Divorce

    THE STORY Imagine you belong to a lottery pool at work and contribute about $5 per week from your pay to the pool. Suddenly, you get a call from a coworker informing you the group had won the lottery jackpot and the prize was in the amount of $6,680,000. You are elated to find ...

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  • Division of Marital Property in California: The Basics

    Identifying and dividing complex marital assets is a tremendous challenge in a high asset divorce. While most spouses tend to settle their property disputes, things can get pretty dicey when there is more property to divide. For example, a spouse or partner may own a legal, medi...

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  • The State Department’s Children’s Passport Issuance Alert Program

    Child Custody and International Child Abduction Prevention: The State Departments Childrens Passport Issuance Alert Program Are you involved in a contentious child custody matter? Do you have concerns about the abduction of your minor child(ren)?The United States Department of S...

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  • The Modern Family in California

    New Surrogacy Law Aimed at Protecting Families Involved in Surrogacy Arrangements. Some of the important guidelines required by this legislation: California Family Code Section 7962specifically requires that a surrogate and the intended parent or intended parents are to be re...

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