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Armen Michael Tashjian

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  • Does an automatic stay apply to both the company and the company's former employee?

    The company filed for bankruptcy after being sued in a personal injury car accident case. The company's former employee was also named in the lawsuit. The company filed a stay of proceedings. Would the stay apply to both the company and the forme...

    Armen’s Answer

    Yes, the stay is automatic. However, as mentioned by Mr. Sommer, a relief is usually granted from automatic stay if there is insurance available, but with one condition, you have to agree to limit your demand to the applicable policy limits.

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  • Can someone explain to me in layman's terms what are the elements of a slip in fall case?

    I been trying to read on the Internet what elements need to be proved in a slip in fall case and I'm just not understanding. For example a foreseeable reasonable risk or causation. Like what if someone mopped the floor and I tripped or slipped v...

    Armen’s Answer

    Slip and fall is prosecuted under the theory of negligence. The elements of negligence are:
    1. Duty,
    2. Breach,
    3. Injury,
    4. Causation.

    If you prove these four elements you win your slip and fall case.

    Good luck.

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  • Can we get ssi for my blind baby?

    We had a new baby who was born blind ( without eyes) with other physical issues that requires some surgeries over next few years . We were found to be eligible for medi-cal based on income. The question is could we get ssi for the baby based on di...

    Armen’s Answer

    Yes, your child will be qualified. Start by contacting your local Social Security office. You can also hire a lawyer to help you with the process. There are no up front fees to be paid to the lawyer in these types of cases.

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  • Why Car Driver, and Not Car Owner, the One Legally Responsible to Show Proof of Insurance?

    Have full insurance on my own car, in my home state of Washington. While in California for convention, at party later that evening, was asked by party host if I could help, by doing a good deed to take a very intoxicated lady back to her hotel (e....

    Armen’s Answer

    You go to court and show the judge proof of your insurance. The ticket will be dismissed as you were insured at the time of this incident.

    This is total madness!

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  • Is it legal for my employer?

    I work as a nurse for a major nursing home. Two months ago they switched the pay stabs from paper to online only . Now that they are online, not many of my coworkers are checking it, and so was I till last Friday. I was suppressed to learn that my...

    Armen’s Answer

    Yes, all employees with reduced wages have a case. You should talk to a lawyer.

    I am changing the practice area to employment law.

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  • How do I begin to work on my car accident claim after firing lawyer?

    I was in a car accident. Broken arm and totaled car. The other person accepted liability but want to terminate my lawyer due to her slowness and bad Communication. How Do I even Start to Go About My Claim Or settlement Myself? Do i call The Adjust...

    Armen’s Answer

    By getting another lawyer.

    While it may sound self serving, but it really is in your best interest to have competent legal representation.

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  • Can my friend get justice for a surgeon denying emergency surgery?

    My friend has a severe back/spine injury that now requires emergency surgery and the surgeons are refusing to help me without reason. It has gotten worse over time because of the waiting for approvals, referrals and appointment scheduling and now...

    Armen’s Answer

    This is a medical issue, not legal. If your friend is not getting the proper attention or care from his current doctors, he should go to someone else.

    I hope he finds relief soon.

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  • Is my insurance company legally obligated to help me?

    I was in a car accident caused by another driver and opened a claim with his insurance company. they refused to pay me any amount saying that im at fault when the other driver is clearly at fault. my insurance adjuster for my insurance company cam...

    Armen’s Answer

    Yes, you sure the person that you got in an accident with, not the insurance company.

    If you were hurt in the accident, you should first get medical care than talk to a lawyer before you do anything else.

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  • Which type of lawyer I need?

    I am a partner in a big health system with medical restrictions for which I have to fight to keep with some recent assignments that do not honor restrictions. Looking for representation

    Armen’s Answer

    You need to know the following; prohibits attorneys from saying anything that may sound like a solicitation!

    As such, you need to contract the lawyers directly to see if you can retain one.

    Even if a lawyer felt he/she was perfect for your case, the lawyer can't ask you to contact him/her in this board.

    Take care,

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  • My attorney seems to be abandoning my case

    PI case with 80k in medical injury stemming from an accident. Engaged an attorney who 1 1/2 years later is now no longer running his own firm but pops up at another firm through a google search. Has all my case files, won't take my calls. What are...

    Armen’s Answer

    Lack of communication is probably the biggest reason of attorney client relationship breakups.

    You can very easily switch lawyers.

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