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Peter David Gordon

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  • Real estate fraud. Broker bought house under suspended business license. Can I get house back?

    Recent fraud unit determined my house was foreclosed illegally. During a loan modification, broker with a suspended business license bought my house and sold it within 2 days. I submitted paperwork to show broker filled title with a suspended bu...

    Peter’s Answer

    The fact that a broker with a suspended license bought your property, and resold it within 2 days, does not disqualify the purchase. The broker was functioning as an investor; his broker's license imposes professional duties to his client and he is entitled to commission for doing so. In functioning as a principal, his license is not in issue. Also, since you were not his client, he owes you no duty.
    Your real target is the foreclosing entity. YOu state a finding has been made that the foreclosure was illegal. That is your real defendant and target, the entity and its agents who illegally foreclosed your house.

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