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Scott Bradley Dormer

Scott Dormer’s Legal Guides

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  • What Automobile Insurance Coverages Should I have in California?

    All too often I am contacted by auto accident victims who either dont understand their automobile insurance coverage, have inadequate coverage types or amounts, or both. Too many times I am told by my clients that they have "full coverage", only to find out that their coverages a...

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  • What to do After A Dog Bite Incident

    Statistics show that every year aggressive dogs bite over 500,000 people, killing an average of twelve. Most dog bite victims are children. The law of the state in which a dog attacks will determine the rights of the victim. California follows a "strict liability" theory in whic...

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  • A Quick Guide of What to do After a Slip and Fall Accident

    This guide provides an overview of slip and fall accidents, and generally what should be done thereafter. Of course, every case is different and a lawyer should always be immediately consulted for every case. About Slip, Trip and Falls In general, "slip and fall" or "trip and ...

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  • A Quick Guide of What To Do After an Auto Accident

    Call Emergency Personnel Call the police and paramedics if necessary. When the police arrive, be sure to give them all of the information that you have collected. Also, be very precise in your descr

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