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Errol Lamont Cook

Errol Cook’s Legal Guides

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  • Arraignment

    Domestic Violence Mostindividuals accused of domestic violence make the tragic mistake of representing themselves at arraignment. They take time off of work (losing money) and generally wait all day for their case to get called (wasting time). Later theyfind out the prosecutor h...

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  • Courtroom Etiquette

    How To Dress for Court Dress in a polo or long sleeve button down plain shirt. Make sure the shirt is tucked into the pants. Absolutely NO saggng pants. No judge desires to see sagging pants and ot

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  • Don't represent yourself in criminal court

    I have witnessed numerous defendants walk into court only to be escorted in handcuffs by the deputy to the custody tank because they thought they knew what they were doing. The problem that these defendants had is that they thought they knew the system. No one 'knows' the syste...

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