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In re X

Case Conclusion Date: 12.17.2010

Practice Area: Immigration

Outcome: My client won, and ICE's appeal was dismissed.

Description: After I assisted the client, a Tunisian man, in having his September 14, 2009 application for Cancellation of Removal approved before the Las Vegas Immigration Court on December 28, 2009, ICE appealed that decision. I represented the Client in opposing the appeal. The main issues on appeal were whether the Immigration Court ruled correctly in finding that the Client did not commit marriage fraud, whether the Client had shown the required hardship, and whether the Client's remarriage invalidated his eligibility for Cancellation of Removal pursuant to the Violence Against Women Act. The Board of Immigration Appeals found that the Immigration Court acted correctly and dismissed ICE's appeal, thereby bringing a positive end to the Client's more than six years of removal proceedings.

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