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  • Is it possible for my husband to get a US B2 visa.I just applied for a K3 Spouse visa for him.

    I want to know if it is possible for my husband to get a tourist b2 visa.I just applied for a k3 spouse visa for him and looking at the duration it takes for the k3 to be finally approved.I can not really cope been alone..I want him here for Chris...

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    Mr. Ivakhnenko's answer is right.

    I would add the following: you said that you cannot cope being alone. I certainly can relate to your feeling. However, if you let your feelings run away with your reason, and if your husband makes representations about his immigrant intent when he applies for his B-2 visitor visa, and if he is found to have lied or stretched the truth, YOU ARE GOING TO BE ALONE FOR A LOT LONGER than the few months it will take to process the K-3.

    I know that this is difficult for you. You must recognize that this kind of difficulty -- and many others like it -- are part of the immigrant story in the USA. This is simply the way things are. Some things can go faster. Some things, not.

    Do not jeopardize your husband's future and your own happiness. Follow the rules.

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  • On form I-765 are they asking for only real SSN numbers assigned to the applicant by the social security administration?


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    Ron Tasoff's answer is excellent.

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  • I will like to know aproximately is the lawyer fees for the application of th Newly Proposed Unlawful Presence Provisional Waive

    For the Newly proposed unlawful presence provisional waiver, I am a US Citizen appying for my husband he is currently present in the USA since the year 2000, No criminal background, we have 2 children. And we are ready to start working with a good...

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    The Provisional Waiver is something of an open question right now. Until we lawyers know exactly what the government requirements are, it's hard for any of us to answer you. Also, a waiver is not -- never has been -- a cookie-cutter. Each case is so vastly different from all the others, I cannot imagine any competent attorney providing a one-size-fits-all price. Certainly, no good attorney would quote a price for a waiver without first talking to you about your situation. I am going to recommend that you sit down with an attorney in your area -- find one who knows waivers -- and have a chat. Best of luck.

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  • Do i have to be married ? or not?

    my godson is in honduras he was born over there he is only 9 years old and i want to invite him to the U.S i am a us citizen i havent seen him for almost 7 years. i want to have him here for the holidays for thanksgiving and christmas. what are th...

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    "Invitation letters" are always a problem, especially for touristic visitors. Many Americans think that if they just write a letter to invite a friend or family member to visit, the US Consulate will issue a B-2 visitor visa. It's rarely that easy.

    The consulate looks not only at the letter but also at the foreigner. They ask themselves, "do we think this person will return to the USA after the visit is finished." When the consulate looks at the foreigner, they are looking at his job, his age, his education, his family, his circumstances, and so forth. They are trying to figure out whether the foreigner will leave. You will need to look critically at your godson's situation; if there is anything which might lead the consulate to think that he will not depart, then you should contact an attorney for a chat.

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  • Hi!I am a J-1 Visa student.I got caught stealing at a store.Will i have trouble applying for another Visa?

    I signed some papers certifying that I cannot enter the store anymore and that I have to pay a fine.The police was not called in and the agreement was made just between me and the security guard.Do I steal get criminal record and will it anyway sh...

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    I agree with my colleagues, but I have ONE CONCERN.

    You need to be quite sure that there was no arrest or police involvement here. If there is ANY chance that the police were notified, you could have potential problems. This is especially true because US immigration not only asks "did you ever get arrested," but they also "have you ever committed a crime for which you have not been arrested?" Unless you are going to lie, it sounds like you may need to answer this question in the affirmative.

    In the future, if you are applying for a visa or a green card, this could be a problem.

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  • I have an initial interview of i485, eb3 basic. on end of Sept. 2012, can I travel outside USA on Sept 10 2012 ?

    I have an initial interview of i485, eb3 basic. on end of Sept. 2012, can I travel outside USA on Sept 10 2012 ?

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    I understand that you want to visit your Dad because he is ill. However, leaving the US -- especially when you are so close to your green card approval -- can be risky. In this case, you have not given us enough information to advise you about whether it is safe for you to travel. I suggest you talk with the attorney who handled your I-485 adjustment of status, or the attorney who did your I-140 Petition for Alien Worker.

    I do not recommend that you travel until you have a chance to talk with a competent attorney.

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  • Got a mail , initial interview , online status : testing interview

    eb3, got a mail , initial interview , online status : testing interview ? what is means

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    You question is very unclear. If you are EB-3 and they are asking you to go for an interview, I suggest you see an attorney. If your English is limited, you should bring a competent translator with you to your interview.

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  • On form I-821D for place of entry, I entered without inspection, do I have to write down something even if I wrote the date?

    I was 1 year old but could already talk so I was given sleeping medicine in case the car I was in was stopped. I would give them away if I wasn't sleeping (was what I was told now) and I know the date but I wasn't sure if I had to write down a pla...

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    In other words, you don't actually KNOW your place of entry. Seems to me that the answer is unknown.

    The larger issue here is whether you should get help with the paperwork. I understand the problem of shelling out money -- especially if you don't have much. I also understand how it feels when all the attorneys just say, "come and see one of us." However, you are talking about your future in America here. You are talking about your work permit here. If you get your work permit, you'll be able to accept employment.

    At the very least, try to find a nonprofit organization with competent people.

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  • Will I be granted deffered action after I came to the us at 19, got my GED, lived more than 5 years in the us and no criminal re

    i was bor in 1986

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    You must have entered the USA before having reached the age of 16. If you entered at 19, you are not qualified for the DACA program.

    Contact a competent immigration attorney to explore your other possible options. Best of luck.

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