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Criminal Defense Win

Case Conclusion Date: 03.19.2009

Practice Area: Criminal defense

Outcome: On a case that began with a 17 year offer, my client recieved probation.

Description: ***Names, Dates and benine details Have Been Changed to Protect Confidentiality- Otherwise, the case you are about to read is completely true*** A few years ago, a sad case walked into my office. A young man and his mother walked into my office having just fired their previously retained attorney on a serious felony matter. After preliminary hearing, the offer to my client practically matched the number of years he'd been breathing on this planet. Many things didn't make sense to me. From the small fee charged by the veteran attorney to the effort that had been put into the case through preliminary hearing where very little in the way of competent questioning was conducted. I launched myself and my staff into defense mode and pulled just enough from the embers of the work my predecessor had done to begin framing an argument against prison. By filing motions and making challenges to the case against my client. By believing in my case, my skills and the lack of real strength in the prosecutions case we prevailed.

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