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Daniel R Perlman

Daniel Perlman’s Legal Guides

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  • Los Angeles Domestic Violence or Spousal Abuse Charges Can Be Beat!

    Los Angelesdomestic violence attorney Daniel Perlman advises and represents people facing criminal charges for domestic violence often described as spousal abuse, spousal battery or domestic dispute, such charges do not always reflect a case between married people, but include th...

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  • Theft - Petty Theft - Shoplifting Other Crimes involving Honesty in Los Angeles

    Tips, Tricks and things to know about crimes related to honesty, how they catch you, what a good defense attorney can do to help and what the consequences may be.

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  • Avoiding a DUI Arrest

    Do not admit to drinking When you attempt to explain how you had a beer earlier at a BBQ or that you had a glass of wine with dinner three hours ago, you are admitting to drinking. The officer is tr

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  • Avoiding a DUI Arrest & Conviction

    AVOIDING A DUI ARREST Here is a simple guide to help avoid arrest and conviction when stopped under suspicion of DUI. My practice loses an average of $20,000 each month currently by giving this advice which is printed on the back of my business cards. I get at least one call ...

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