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Randy Alexander

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  • Looking for a lawyer experienced in asylum immigration cases

    I am in the middle of a asylum case and my current lawyer is not very experienced in these cases causing set backs to the case. We are looking for a new lawyer that is knowledgable In these types of cases because our court date is approaching.

    Randy’s Answer

    You definitely want an experienced immigration attorney whom has handled the particular type of asylum/ country your case presents. If you're in the middle of the case it is essential that you understand "time is of the essence." It is often difficult to obtain evidence and documentation from other countries in a limited time frame. You'll need to provide a copy of your asylum application and declarations to any prospective attorney. The new attorney will likely request a file review to get an idea of what has been filed in the case. Perhaps, your current attorney can work with more experienced co-counsel and share the attorney fees. Don't wait until the last minute to make this decision.

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  • When attending immigration court what do you need to say when you want to stay?

    I have my wife and 2 daughters and am the sole provider and i wanted to see if there any way to get a green card out of this

    Randy’s Answer

    You haven't provided enough information for a meaningful answer. Immigration requires very specific information regarding your spouse, children and place of birth. Ask the judge for additional time to seek and consult with an immigration attorney. The judge should have a list of attorneys whom will provide a free or low cost consultation. It's up to you to take action immediately and not wait until the last minute to get qualified legal advice.

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  • When a divorce summon is filed, does a restraining order go into effect on all things including the minor children? When not?

    Does the restraining order on all assets, bank accounts, etc stay in effect until the judge has ruled on it about temporary bases? What about custody? After a judge rules on custody does that restraining order of taking the child out of state/coun...

    Randy’s Answer

    All initial orders regarding assets etc. become void after the judge makes rulings concerning those matters If the judge has ordered one parent sole physical and legal custody with no visitation there is no basis for consent regarding travel. The initial restraining orders have been rendered void by the current order subject to modification if and when required in the future.

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  • Post judgment child custody service

    I have attempted to try to serve my ex however I don't know where he lives. Is there any way I can get around personal service and just serve him by mail at his last known address?

    Randy’s Answer

    If you're unable to find your ex there are ways to get him/her into court. After reviewing any current orders or judgment that might require the parties to keep each other informed of address changes you may need to demonstrate your "due diligence" by making an effort to contact friends/relatives, post office, etc. There's a process called "publication or posting" that will allow you to advance the case without personal service.
    This process can be tricky. I strongly encourage you to have an attorney.

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