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  • Should i talk to the insurance company. Or should i hire a personal injury attorney and let them speak to insurance company?

    My daughter was walking along side a road. A vehicle was merging onto the road from a side access road and hit my daughter from behind. She received a cracked skull, temporal bone fracture, bleeding from ear and epidural hematoma. She was in hospi...

    Ronald’s Answer

    In cases of significant personal injuries you should never speak to an insurance company without contacting an experienced personal injury attorney. Where, as here, the injuries may result in some ongoing disability or leave the victim with residual limitations or pain, you should only speak with an attorney who actually handles serious injury claims and one who has tried personal injury cases in court. As most personal injury attorneys have little or no trial experience they rely on settling smaller cases and may not be qualified to handle a case of this magnitude.
    Feel free to call me at 310-477-4775 to discuss your matter. All cases are handled on a contingency basis and there will never be a charge for discussing your matter.

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  • I was rear ended in a company fleet vehicle during work hours. I felt ok, but now feel neck and back pain. What do I do?

    I was at a full stop in slow lane to merge onto a freeway onramp. The person behind me didn't stop and rear ended me. Does it become a workers comp case? Or is it a matter of me and the insurance of the driver who hit me? I have a good job and...

    Ronald’s Answer

    While you obviously have a significant claim, you should avoid the temptation to have an attorney or anybody else tell you the value of your claim when you have yet to undergo surgery and the outcome is uncertain. Rather, you should retain an attorney whose background and experience qualify them to handle serious injury claims such as yours.

    A qualified attorney will be able to assist you in all matters related to your claim including decisions regarding medical treatment and advice regarding your employment and other issues that may be important in determining the outcome of your case.

    I would suggest you choose an attorney carefully and not respond to claims of qualifications that are not factual. Please feel free to visit my website at

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  • I was injured in a car accident and the other person ran a red light. My car was totaled.

    I am experiencing shoulder pain and extreme headaches. My insurance is paying off my car but what do I do about my pain and suffering

    Ronald’s Answer

    While it goes without saying that anything other than the most minor injuries should be given appropriate treatment and an attorney hired to protect your interests, the most important advice i can give you is to avoid speaking with the insurance companies about your injuries or present condition as that may damage your right to full compensation in the future.

    While you may speak to either insurance company about settling your property damage, you should avoid giving a recorded statement about your condition as you may have injuries that you are not aware of or that while relatively minor now may become worse over time. It is imperative that you seek competent counsel who have experience in the handling of personal injury claims both in settlement and trial. The overwhelming majority of attorneys who claim to be "personal injury lawyers" do not litigate claims and may not be qualified to handle any claim where significant injuries are present. Shoulder injuries require that you consult with a shoulder specialist and not just any orthopedic surgeon.

    You can contact me through my website:

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  • California - UM coverage for hit and runs

    Can I claim uninsured motorist coverage for bodily injury for a hit and run without providing identification for the other car? There was contact and a police report was filed. If I claim UM coverage, will that affect my insurance premiums eve...

    Ronald’s Answer

    Yes, you can claim um coverage under these facts. As long as there was contact and a police report filed you should have no problem meeting the requirements of a valid claim. Of course, the claim value will depend on the nature and extent of your injuries. Be sure to see a doctor and describe in detail all injuries that you sustained.

    A valid um claim, by definition, assumes the uninsured motorist was at fault and as a result you should not be charged any points against your record and your premiums should not increase. You can confirm this with your insurance carrier. If they tell you otherwise you should consider changing companies.

    It should be remembered that if the other driver has insurance but only a minimum amount, uninsured motorist coverage can also become underinsured motorist coverage if your uninsured motorist coverage exceeds the amount of the other drivers liablilty coverage. If you carry $100,000.00 of uninsured motorist coverage, a good idea and surprisingly inexpensive, and the other driver carried $15,000.00 of liability coverage, you will be able to claim an additional $85,000.00 of benefits against your own policy.

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  • Fell 26 feet off unfinished deck,burst l1 vertabrae, very badly, I'm renting, can I sue? He has no insurance or money. Thanks

    It's been 6 months, I have severe trauma, chronic pain, nerve damage, ect... He promised to fix the deck, before my fall and while in intense rehab learning to walk and catherdirize...regained bladder function , still lost bowel nerves...he has t...

    Ronald’s Answer

    It is important that you have a qualified attorney explore all possibilities and sources of recovery. Simply suing the landlord will provide little benefit if, as you say, he has no insurance or money. While it is hard to imagine a landlord owning an apartment building without insurance coverage it is, of course, possible. Be aware, however, that it is not uncommon for potential defendants to deny that they have insurance company to dissuade you from pursuing your legal remedies. An attorney can better determine whether in fact the landlord actually has insurance coverage.

    A competent attorney who specializes in personal injury litigation will also look into others who may have had a role in the design, construction or supervision of the deck. If unfinished, any contractor who worked on the deck would have to have taken steps to insure that the deck was properly protected with railings or other structures to prevent foreseeable accidents such as yours. Your attorney will also look into public records to see if there was a building permit taken out and, if so, may learn of others involved in the design and construction of the deck as well as whether the deck had been inspected by public officials who conceivably might have some liability themselves for failing to insure that the deck met minimum safety standards.

    Once again, I strongly suggest that you contact an experienced personal injury attorney and that you do so as soon as possible as there may be time limits within which you must file a claim. Best of luck to you in your continuing recovery.

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  • Do accidents involving motorcycles usually end up costing the other driver more than regular accidents?

    I was wondering if due to the open nature of motorcycles, if there are generally more injuries, and if drivers usually end up paying out more than they would have in a regular car crash? .

    Ronald’s Answer

    Motorcycle accidents frequently involve more serious injuries to the rider and or passenger as they frequently get thrown from the motorcycle and come in contact with the roadway or other vehicles. It is common for motorcycle riders to suffer severe and often catastrophic injuries when involved in accidents with other vehicles. As a result, insurance companies who insure the at fault driver will often have to pay out significantly more in the average motorcycle accident.

    Because of the serious injuries suffered by most motorcycle riders, they often hire competent attorneys to handle their claims which invariably results in higher awards or payments by the responsible parties insurance company. Having handled scores of such cases on behalf of injured motorcyclists it is not uncommon for such cases for the injured rider to recover six and seven figure awards.

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  • Who can I sue after being injured in a truck accident?

    My family was side-swiped by a large commercial truck. Damage to our car was extensive, and three of us had to see the doctor. Who can a sue in a case like this? The driver? The company he works for? .

    Ronald’s Answer

    You can bring a claim, and, if necessary against the driver and the company he works for. You may also have a claim against other parties should the driver have been performing a service for a third party. Generally, commercial vehicles carry insurance policies with coverage of at least $250,000.00 per person. Unless serious injuries have resulted the coverage of most commercial vehicles is adequate to compensate injured parties for all of their damages including, medical bills, loss of earnings and other incidental damages. You are also entitled to damages for paiin and suffering in most jurisdictions including California and many other States.

    You should contact an attorney as soon as possible and you should avoid speaking with any insurance companies, yours or theirs, until you have had the benefit of being advised by competent counsel with experience in the handling of personal injury claims.

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  • Car Accident with a 3 month old baby. How much is my claim worth? Should I wait to settle? What if baby has unseen injuries?

    I was stopped at a red light on the PCH in LA and rear ended by a speeding motorcyclist. My three month old baby was in the back seat. The motorcyclist was found 100% at fault in the police report.The baby was ok thank God! $3500 worth of dama...

    Ronald’s Answer

    It seems as though your child is uninjured but you should monitor his/her condition for at least 6 months before even considering settlement of the child's case. The motorcyclist's insurance company will make an insignificant offer to settle the child's claim and you should be cautious about settling under these circumstances even though the facts as you describe them probably indicate that your child is o.k. Insurance companies will not offer you any settlement that includes compensation for future harm unless there is a reasonable certainty to such future problems.

    Your claim needs to be investigated further with diagnostic procedures, MRI etc, when you are able to undergo such testing. Until you are able to have such tests to be sure that you do not have more serious injuries you should not consider settling your claim. You should consider retaining an attorney for claims such as yours that may implicate future pain, suffering or disability.

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  • How do i know if the amount being offered in an insurance settlement is enough or fair?

    I was in an accident 2 years ago (the other drivers fault.I had medical bills right about $15000' The other drivers insurance gave me the limit $15000 and said if I had underinsured Motoristins. I should talk to my company(state farm) about pain ...

    Ronald’s Answer

    You did not indicate whether you have underinsured motorist coverage and, if so, the amount of such coverage. Uninsured motorist coverage protects you if the other driver has no insurance. If the other driver has insurance, as here, $15K, then your uninsured motorist coverage becomes underinsured motorist coverage. The amount of you uninsured motorist coverage will determine how much additional coverage you may have. Assuming your uninsured motorist coverage exceeds the amount of the other driver's coverage, the amount that your U.M. coverage exceeds the other driver's coverage, here $15K will be the amount of coverage you will be able to claim in your underinsured motorist claim. Underinsured motorist coverage is one of the most important and least understood coverages. Most people would be well advised to carry at least $100,000.00 of uninsured motorist coverage to protect themselves and their family. I have written an article about uninsured/underinsured motorist company and posted it on my website

    As to the value of your claim, an attorney will need to review your medical records to determine whether the residual neurological symptoms you are experiencing are likely to be permanent. As your symptoms still exist 2 years after the accident you should have adequate tests to determine the source and cause of your condition before considering settlement of your claim.

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  • By law,who should be made to pay for personal injuries,and future medical bills,unlicensed driver or negligence boyfriend ins.?

    Traffic report states party at fault is unlicensed and did not have proff of insurance. Vehicle she was driving is register to her boyfriend. The car apparently is insured by the responsible party. My brother is hospitalize in an induce coma, due ...

    Ronald’s Answer

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    Any accident involving serious injuries demands that you hire an experienced attorney who specializes in accident cases such as yours. The driver may have been driving her boyfriends car but she may also be performing a service for others, i.e. an employer or other entity that might have substantial assets or insurance coverage sufficient to compensate severely injured parties for medical and related costs as well as loss of earnings and future losses of any kind.

    Where, as here, the victim may not be able to help with investigation of the accident and the facts are not readily available, it is even more critical that competent counsel be retained at the earliest possible time. It is also important that you not speak with any insurance companies, yours or theirs, until an attorney has reviewed the facts. Contacting potential witnesses is often the determining factor in obtaining an adequate recovery for victims.

    You should immediately locate an attorney in your area to handle a case of this magnitude and severity.

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