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Kevin Richard Boyle

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  • We hired Kevin Boyle to handle the wrongful death suit we filed in California.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Maryann

    Kevin was the Calif. attorney for our case in the wrongful death suit we filed against a company there. We live in Boise Idaho. Our daughter was killed in a plane crash at 25 years old. I felt that the company that recommended the pilot along with the pilot should be held accountable. To make a long story shorter, Kevin's recommendation to us was, "if they offer a settlement we should seriously think about accepting it because of how Calif law works." Which he explained to us. He explained that if we went to trial and the jury ruled that this company was at fault in any way at all, there would be a question of what percentage of blame that the jury felt the company was at fault for. They could say yes the company was to blame but because of how California law operates they maybe only feel that this company was just 10% to blame. which. Which would mean that if the settlement were for one million dollars our settlement would be one hundred thousand and then with attorney fees and court costs we would have nothing left. And he told us, "We don't want to go to trial!" Not only would it cost a lot of money but emotionally it would be a horrible thing to go through." The company did offer a settlement and we accepted it. Which turned out to be the "right" choice. The family of the friend of our daughter's that was also killed in this plane crash decided to go to trial. The ruling was that the pilot was 100% to blame and not the company we would have sued. Sadly they didn't win anything because the pilot had absolutely no assets, which we were aware of before we got to this point in our case.
    I feel very lucky to have gotten Kevin Boyle for our case because of his expertise. We live in Boise, Idaho and our attorney here, Bob Huntsman felt like he was not experienced enough in aviation law, especially in Calif which was where the crash occurred. So he had done a search on the internet for attorney's that claimed to be experts in this area of the law and came across Clifford Law Offices which is based in Chicago. So we hired Kevin Durkin from that firm which in turn uses Kevin Boyle in Calif. Our attorney, Kevin Durkin told us that they use Kevin Boyle in Calif. was Kevin Boyle, because "he's the best! Calif law requires that we use an attorney from California when a suit is filed in their state. I feel like God was watching out for us because Kevin B. just sort of fell into our lap and he really is the best! We walked away from this horrible nightmare with answers, which was what I was looking for, as well as a settlement. The our daughter's friends family got basically nothing.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Mr. Boyle (Kevin) helped me out in a very unusual legal situation, with complete success (and even an apology from the other side). The situation was potentially embarrassing for me personally and professionally, but Kevin took care of the situation quickly. He helped me to feel calm and strong through the process.