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Jonathan Aaron Weinman

Jonathan Weinman’s Legal Guides

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  • Labor Rights Overview

    The U.S. Department of Labor is responsible for creating and overseeing the rights of employees in the U.S. While individual states have their own additional labor rights, all employees have minimum protections under federal law. Some of those rights and protections are outlined in this brief guide.

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  • Work and Non-Work Related Injuries in Employment Settings

    Injuries, whether work related or non-work related, are very common, understanding how an injury may impact employment is crucial. This guide focuses on non-workers' compensation injuries and some concerns related to such injuries: missed work, lost income, medical expenses, and upsetting employer.

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  • Forced to Quit May Equal Wrongful Termination

    An employee who is forced to quit may have a claim for constructive discharge, which is similar to wrongful termination, based on the reason they were forced to quit. Two examples below shed light on whether an employee who feels forced to quit has a potential claim for constructive discharge.

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  • Termination: The Difference Between Wrong and Wrongful

    Being terminated from your employment may feel wrong, but that does not necessarily mean it was wrongful termination. There is no set rule for what constitutes a “wrongful termination”. In general, a termination is wrongful when the reasons for the termination are illegal. Some examples are below.

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