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James Victor Kosnett

Education Attorney at Los Angeles, CA

4.6   32 reviews
  • Licensed for 47 years
    State CA
    Acquired 1976
    Active No misconduct found

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Practice areas
  1. Education

  2. Licensing
    Professional Licensing Defense (Doctors, nurses, dentists, teachers, realtors, insurance professionals, accountants, chiropractors, medical facilities etc)

Attorney James Victor Kosnett has represented students and licensed professionals throughout California since 1976. University students, and public and private school students of all ages, have been successfully defended from charges of cheating, plagiarism, sexual and other misconduct, and have been helped to avoid expulsion, minimize or eliminate sanctions, and obtain reinstatement, transfer, and or refund. For doctors, nurses, and other licensed professionals in every field in California, Mr. Kosnett has successfully defended their licenses against discipline, including revocation, suspension, probation, and public warnings. He has also obtained licenses for those who's applications have been denied. Mr. Kosnett often negotiates a deal that avoids the time and expense of lengthy litigation, but has also successfully litigated at every level. A graduate of Yale University and UCLA School of Law, Mr. Kosnett's experience ranges from school hearings at every level (elementary through post-graduate), the Special Education Hearings Office, the Office of Administrative Hearings, and federal, state, and local agencies, to Courts at every level (Superior to Appellate state courts, and federal District Courts and Circuit Courts of Appeal). He is also admitted to the U.S. Tax Court, and has never lost a case before the Board of Equalization or the Franchise Tax Board.


Mr. Kosnett especially enjoys enabling a student to advance or graduate, and assisting a professional in obtaining or preserving his or her license, often utilizing negotiation and alternative dispute resolution to achieve the best result for his clients at the lowest possible cost.


James Victor Kosnett
11601 Wilshire Blvd
Suite 500
Los Angeles, CA, 90025


4.6 / 5.0
  32 customer reviews
Posted by Joyce | September 4, 2022
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Thank you for your Guidance and Succesful Outcome
I was referred to Kosnett Law Firm to assist a family member with a felony arrest. James Kosnett guided us through an extremely difficult process, and was very responsive to our needs and deadlines. He and his colleagues were successful in getting a deferred judgment, and the arrest was ultimately removed from our grandson's record. Thank you for your knowledge, patience and follow-through!
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Posted by anonymous | March 3, 2019
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
UCLA Academic Misconduct
They should start calling him, James "The Magician." I had been struggling with a "plagiarism" case that had been ongoing for 2 years. I hired 2 different lawyers prior to hearing about James. These lawyers were very convincing in how much experience they had and their aggressive approach to ensure the best outcomes possible, but this was not the case. I had to consistently follow up with these lawyers personally and propose potential solutions they should have come up with on their own. These 2 years had been a very very frustrating time for both me and my family as we were very worried about potential suspension or expulsion. However, 1 week prior to my UCLA hearing, I shared my case with a friend, who told me about James. In a matter of 1 week, the tables had turned. James was very experienced with the hearing process at UCLA and was aware of the obstacles students run into when representing themselves. We spent several sessions together strategizing the witnesses, and how to organized a strong oral presentation in my defense. This presentation was incredibly powerful in conjunction with the witnesses and James' presence at the hearing - the case was dismissed! James is very efficient and supportive, if you listen to what he says, he will get you out!
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Posted by Susan | December 15, 2016
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
James Victor Kosnett Esq. is an extremely experienced education lawyer, and as his client I felt he 'had my back.' He is responsive to email and phone inquiries and gives you the best advice. Every time I have hired Mr. Kosnett, he has resolved the matter quickly with one or two strongly worded letters. Santiago is a prompt and professional legal assistant. I would recommend the Kosnett Law Firm without reservation.
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Posted by anonymous | September 27, 2015
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Grateful Teacher
Thank you SO MUCH James and Louis for being there for me every step of the way as I dealt with the CTC. Both of you were very truthful with me while also reassuring..the "tough love" adequately prepared me for my meeting at the CTC. I am ELATED it is over and the case is closed. Thank you!! I highly recommend Kosnett Law Firm, Santiago is also wonderful.
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Posted by anonymous | December 10, 2014
Excellent Professional Licensing Attorney
Above all, Mr. Kosnett and his staff were very well versed in my nursing license case and a pleasure to work with. He was able to clear my record of all wrongly accused offenses and I was able to continue working in the nursing profession that I love. I highly recommend Kosnett Law Firm.
Posted by anonymous | December 10, 2014
Very Satisfied With Representation
I had a legal issue at my current university and I needed a lawyer who could help me with my matter. James was beyond helpful. He knows what he is doing when it comes to working with universities. He set my mind at ease and ultimately got all alleged charges dropped and I will graduate on time with no issues.
Posted by Marsha | November 21, 2014
Awesome Professional Attorney !
Mr. James V. Kosnett is an awesome professional attorney. He helped me win my case. What more can I say? I highly recommend him to everyone.
Posted by anonymous | September 3, 2014
A Great Lawyer And An Even Better Man
Mr. Kosnett is a really quality guy. He's personable and a good listener. In my case, I was falsely accused of sexual assault and Mr. Kosnett's sound advice may just have saved my college degree. If a similar accusation has been made against you, I strongly recommend that you seek Mr. Kosnett for counsel. He's easy to get in touch with and is very straight forward about the cost of his services. He won't nickel-and-dime you if you have questions, and returns emails and calls promptly. Everything about the way he conducts his business demonstrates how much he genuinely cares about his clients.
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Posted by Alexis | August 23, 2014
James was extremely helpful in clearing up an incident that involved underage drinking during my junior year of college. He was able to resolve the matter and got the charges reduced from a misdemeanor to an infraction with minimal fees. I can now start my senior year with a fresh start! Thank you again for everything!
Posted by Adam | November 11, 2013
Mr. Kosnett was a great help!
Mr. Kosnett and his firm were very helpful and knowledgeable about the law. He was extremely accommodating of my unique situation and budget as well. I would recommend retaining his services to anyone.
Posted by Eva | August 21, 2013
Excellent Lawyer
Mr.Kosnett is a Brilliant Super Lawyer you definitely want to have on your side ! He is focused, he comes well prepared for the trial and he knows how to fight for you in court. My nursing license was in jeopardy because of a ridiculous complain. Mr. Kosnett knew how to straighten things up and clean things up in the court. He definitely took the huge stress off my shoulders when representing me in court. He is the Best Lawyer in Town I highly recommend. My gratitude will be chasing him forever!
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Posted by Angie | August 11, 2013
Mr. Kosnett hits homeruns!
He came highly recommended from UCLA school of law. Mr. Kosnett was able to hit a homerun with my case. Extremely pleased with the outcome!
Posted by Mark | August 9, 2013
Legal Review of James Kosnett
James Kosnett is an outstanding attorney. He has been practicing law in southern California since 1976 - a total of 37 years. His vast experience in Licensing and Educational Law was certainly very key in having me be successful and winning my case. His ability to be trustworthy, responsive, knowledgeable, and keeping me informed could not have been better. His guidance in my case was crucial in setting the tone and establishing the essential groundwork that led to my success. I am very grateful to him for having represented me in my legal affairs and I certainly could not having asked for a responsible lawyer.
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Posted by Laurie | July 16, 2013
Highly recommended
Mr Kosnett was able to address all my concerns regarding my boyfriend's problem. He is very good listener, and professional. I highly recommend Mr. Kosnett for any concern you may have. Very positive experience.
Posted by anonymous | June 25, 2013
Dear Mr Kosnett, We want to express our high apreciation for your efficient and professional work on helping my son to be able to clear all the incorrect decision LAUSD made on my son being spell from his school due to a wrong and misunderstanding facts. With your excellent experience and knowledge, you made the impossible thing happen to clean this misunderstanding with LAUSD Administration. Thank you again for outstanding help.
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Posted by anonymous | June 13, 2013
Very knowledgable
Mr. Kosnett. I met with Mr. Kosnett regarding a dispute against my University. Unfortunately, I made the poor choice to use another attorney and regretted it almost immediately. After this attorney worsened the situation I returned to Mr. Kosnett and he again consulted with me at no charge. He was extremely knowledgeable and not only answered all of my questions but recommended options to attempt before hiring any attorney. In following his advice, I was able to resolve my issue without legal intervention, which was amazing. I found him to be very direct and realistic when communicating, and very strategic in his process. He showed a real in-depth knowledge of the law and higher learning institutional processes. I recommend him to my friends and family.
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Posted by Richard | January 20, 2013
A Quality Attorney
I feel so grateful to have retained James Kosnett. As my case goes on, I know he is doing his utmost to represent me as best as he can (and he is very qualified) so that we are successful. I know in my heart we will prevail as far as my case is concerned. I met James a little less than a year ago when I realized that I greatly needed legal representation for me to deal with a university that terminated my doctoral program most unfairly and with much timely ignorance. I approached several attorneys online and James was the ONLY attorney to respond. I admired his manner both on the telephone and in my initial consultation with him. He made me question in a professional and supportive manner whether I really wanted to bring charges against the university. This approach made me feel quite confident that I had to proceed with litigation and because of James' counsel, I am so glad that I have done so. Once that we agreed to work together on this case, James made me feel more at ease and knowing in my mind and heart that I was doing the right thing. As the case as progressed, there have many "bumps in the road" as there would be in most law cases. James has been a great source of comfort in dealing with me concerning the frustrations that have occurred and that will occur in such cases. If I have questions, he is an e-mail or phone call away answering those questions very quickly. James and his partner have a very effective firm who alert me concerning the latest occurrances with me case. The firm is a bit of a family affair which, I think, makes for a close group of employees who work together effectively for the good of its clients. All in all, James Kosnett is a wonderful, supportive attorney and I am so glad and at peace that I am in his hands with my case. There are always uncomfortable, disconcerting moments in most law cases, I am sure. However, James always lets me know that the case is progressing and puts me at ease and so instills confidence in me. I know he has to be a wonderfully supportive attorney for all clients who seek his assistance and representation. ANY person needing legal representation would be wise to consult with James Kosnett and consider retaining him.
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Posted by Carl | January 20, 2013
Highly Recommended
Thorough, knowledgable, tactical and aggressive when necessary, James Kosnett did a great job for me. I believe he was on top of my matter at all times.
Posted by Raymond | January 9, 2013
A Genuine Professional
For two and a half years, beginning in May 2010, I worked as Faculty Advisor for a student involved in a grade appeal at a CSU campus. Without the late intervention of James Kosnett, this long process would most certainly not have come to the successful conclusion that it did in December 2012. The student appealed a final grade of "No Credit" for her semester of student teaching. She had received positive midterm evaluations from both her University Supervisor and her two Master Teachers at the high school site, and very strong final evaluations from her Master Teachers. However, due to what amounted to a disagreement over a miscommunication, the University Supervisor refused to give her credit, and refused even to discuss the matter with her, leaving her no alternative but to file a grade appeal. In December 2010, she won the first round of the grade appeal, the Program Grade Appeal Committee deciding that the Supervisor had acted arbitrarily in giving the grade of No Credit. However, from that moment on, the College of Education, responsible for administering the University Grade Appeal process, repeatedly violated the University's published procedures, resulting in the appeal being denied by the College Grade Appeal Committee, and finally by the University Grade Appeal Committee during the Spring 2011 semester. While this was going on, our repeated complaints regarding the procedures violations were simply ignored. At the beginning of the Fall 2011 semester we attempted to file a formal Grievance against the College of Education. However, at that point, the student was notified that, because due process had indeed been violated, the denial would be set aside if she wished to repeat the grade appeal process. Although we thought such a remedy to be dubious at best, and informed them of our doubts, which were, again, ignored, we decided to drop the Grievance and enter the grade appeal process a second time. Our doubts proved legitimate when, in the Spring 2012 semester, her appeal was again denied, with the College of Education being sure to avoid the due process violations committed the first time around. Convinced that the attempt to get a fair hearing within the university would be futile, we then decide to seek legal assistance. We engaged an attorney who claimed to have expertise in Educational Law. Unfortunately, as matters developed, we discovered that he didn't. He advised us that the matter could be addressed through what is called a Writ of Mandamus, which would avoid the excessive time and expense of a court trial, which was crucial to the student and her family. However, he soon informed us that the Mandamus was not viable, and that we had to prepare for a court trial. It was at this point, in May 2012, that we found and engaged James Kosnett, who was clearly called on to enter into a difficult situation. Mr. Kosnett entered that situation with enthusiasm and tenacity. By December 2012, he was able to convince the University that, given the history of the grade appeal process, litigation was not in their interest, and that a settlement was preferable. In the end, the University agreed to waive missed deadlines, etc. and allow the student to finish the last part of her student teaching to receive her credential in the Spring 2013 semester. The difference between working with the first attorney and later with Mr. Kosnett was extreme. At the outset, Mr. Kosnett clearly informed us of two possible approaches he might take--either to get the case back on the Mandamus track, or to seek a settlement with the University that would enable the student to complete her student teaching in a timely and convenient manner. As he pursued talks with the opposing counsel, it became clear that settlement was not only the best option, but also very possible to achieve. Of course, moving the University to cooperate efficiently in bringing about the settlement was a job in itself. But Mr. Kosnett, tact
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Posted by Joanne | January 2, 2013
Mr. Kosnett Raises the Bar (no pun intended) for All You OTHER Lawyers Out There!
Mr. Kosnett has truly re-defined the term "lawyer" from my perspective. Mr. Kosnett has proved that I was wrong about my former prejudice towards ALL lawyers as being people who are unethical, immoral individuals for no other reason, save for the very nature of their (---after all) chosen profession. However, Mr. Kosnett has demonstrated by exquisite example in my recent Grade Appeal Case against CSU%& (which settled only a week ago), that not ALL lawyers deserve to be labeled with adjectives such as: "selfish," "sleezy," "money-grubbing," "untrustworthy," "uninformative," "passive," or "lazy" as these are words that would be absolutely unbecoming of Mr. Kosnett. He was always enthusiastic, professional, calm and collected, and he always kept me informed of the progression of my case (down to the very minute!). Moreover, he was consistently honest about what my predicted financial costs would be, what the odds were of un/success throughout, and he passionately pursued a speedy and positive resolution of the case. He fought for me aggressively, but never AGAINST the opposing side; rather, he knew what ways would be most effective, and he knew that working WITH them was what had to be done--if we were going to get what we wanted at all. He remained calmly determined, as if he always had a trick under his sleeve (just in case). That being said, however, he also remained very aware of certain times when he was being purposely ignored, which resulted in the case appearing to drag along as time wasted away with no logical reason from the other side. This was when Mr. Kosnett let the "big guns" out and called the other side on their bullshit---rekindling that fire that he started under their asses, and in no time brought them back on-track, ordering them to hurry up and finish what needed to be done. And although their asses were painfully charred, they knew they could no longer treat me as they had in the past, which was to ignore me and stall for time. Not when Mr. Kosnett's on the case!! Thanks to Mr. Kosnett, my case never went to trial. This was because of a man who was committed to settling the case outside of court so that a trial could be avoided. He explained this to me from the beginning, which was quite frankly a tremendous relief, as there was no telling how much the case WOULD HAVE cost if it had gone to trial. The most telling bit of evidence I can offer on behalf of Mr. Kosnett came at the end of my case, when I wasn't too happy with some advice he gave me. After questioning him about it, he simply said that he had "always advised me in the same way [he] would advise [his] own daughter"---and I don't think there's ever been a lawyer to who would treat his client in the same way as he would his daughter, do you? If you need a lawyer, and you want representation by a person who is behind you, and devoted to seeing that your case is resolved as QUICKLY and as FAIRLY as possible, you NEED James Victor Kosnett!! And to all you OTHER lawyers out there---take a lesson from the man who has re-written who a lawyer IS and what a lawyer actually DOES; what you other lawyers SHOULD do and what you other lawyers SHOULD be: be like James Victor Kosnett!! Thank you Mr. Kosnett for everything. --J
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  • 1976
  • Yale University
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Unknown Attorney | May 21
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"Top-notch attorney. Highly respected in the legal community."
Employment and labor Attorney | Aug 18
Relationship: Worked together on matter
"Mr. Kosnett is a brilliant lawyer and does a great job of representing his clients. He has over 35 years of experience in practicing law. I endorse him strongly."
Education Attorney | Jan 14
Relationship: Friend
"I endorse this lawyer. I have known James for many years and know him to be a very competent and conscientious lawyer."
Employment and labor