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Daniel Joseph Weintraub

About Daniel Weintraub

About me

After over 20 years in this field of law, I have built my reputation on helping individuals and small and medium-sized businesses overcome their problems and succeed financially.

What distinguishes me and my firm from other bankruptcy and civil litigation law firms in Southern California is the commitment we bring to our clients. I have never viewed a client as a detached legal problem, case number or a fee.  Instead, I view each client as an unique individual with a challenge which I have been entrusted to solve . My  motto is: “When you hire our firm the problem is off your desk and on ours.” I want my clients to focus on making money and the other things which they are good at.   I am creative and aggressive in developing client solutions.

No matter what type of financial problem you are facing, our lawyers have the experience and commitment to help you. We assist individuals and businesses in filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. We are also expert in representing businesses, creditors and landlords in bankruptcy and representing plaintiffs and defendants in business litigation, debt collection and enforcement of judgments..