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Bruce Givner

Bruce Givner’s Legal Guides

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  • Eliminating Estate Tax - The T-CLAT

    What Is A CLAT? The acronym CLAT stands for "charitable lead annuity trust." A CLAT is an irrevocable trust to which you transfer income producing assets. The income is paid to a charity. At the e

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  • Why a Retirement Plan Can Be the Best Creditor Protection Plan

    IRAs vs. Other Retirement Plans First, we must distinguish an IRA - an individual retirement account - from other types of retirement plans. An IRA - by definition - is for an individual. IRAs (whe

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  • When a Family Limited Partnership is a Bad Idea

    Why Family Limited Partnerships Are Good. Family limited partnerships ("FLPs") have been an important tool for estate tax planning for at least 40 years. For asset protection purposes they help Mo

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  • How to Get the Best Estate Tax and Asset Protection Planning for Your Home

    What Is a QPRT? A QPRT is an irrevocable trust to which you transfer your residence. The QPRT lasts for a fixed number of years. You retain the right to live in the residence for that term of years

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