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Gordon Philip Firemark

Gordon Firemark’s Legal Guides

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  • Why every writing team should have a written collaboration agreement (part II)

    D. Representatives who will represent the show? Most good collaboration agreements contain a provision identifying the representatives for the finished work. While each collaborator may have her own agent, manager, lawyer, etc., the best practice is to avoid having a gaggle o...

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  • Why every writing team should have a written collaboration agreement. (part I)

    Although written for playwrights, composers and lyricists writing for the stage, the principles discussed here are equally applicable to writers in any medium. What is a collaboration agreement? Any time two or more people join together to create a work such as a play, musica...

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  • Why accepting credit instead of compensation might not be such a good idea.

    Its quite frequent in my practice. My clients are asked to accept less than their usual fee or quote for work. Whats offered in exchange for this important concession? You guessed it, Producer credit. Well, this is often very attractive to the client, as it helps them climb ...

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