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Joseph Martin Barrett

About Joseph Barrett

About me

I am proud to join my good friend and one of the finest trial lawyers, great legal minds, and gentlemen you'd ever know, Philip J. Layfield, in the formation of Layfield & Barrett, APC!


For years I have worked hard to be a true Trial Lawyer for the People. I have been honored to be President of the most influential local trial bar in America, CAALA, in 2015. I am also proud to lead CAOC, ABOTA, and other lawyers who shape our laws and protect access to justice for the people.


L&B provides the best in representation of people on a contingency fee, anywhere in America, and especially in California. Our lawyers and staff are incredibly talented, diverse, collaborative, driven to succeed, and provide the best representation from sign up through trial. We have a thirst for knowledge and a passion for success. We never forget our roots. I have helped found Los Angeles Trial Lawyers Charities, and am a former President, while my partner Phil is the new President of LATLC in 2016, helping to make Los Angeles better by serving those in need, especially the homeless, the children, our elderly & disabled, battered women, and teenagers needing direction and compassion.


Layfield & Barrett is one of the premier Plaintiff law firms in America, with offices in Irvine, California, Los Angeles, California, Scottsdale, Arizona, Park City, Utah and Bangalore, India. With a highly skilled and accomplished staff of approximately 20 trial lawyers and a staff of 60 providing technological, legal, investigative, and medico-legal forensic support, the firm works of people and businesses on a contingency fee.


We specialize in serious & catastrophic injury case, death cases, significant business disputes, high-profile cases involving civic leaders, celebrities, economic and environmental disasters, bad faith insurance practices, product liability, mass torts and class actions, negligence, breach of contract, police brutality and Constitutional rights litigation and trial. We are trial lawyers for the people. We are passionate, skilled and accomplished, with over a billion dollars in results through our work.  


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