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David Richard Lira

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    He took over a case that that refereed by my attorney since he was knowledge and had gone up against this car manufacture in the past. he told me I had a excellent case, he was a fighter, loved trial that he would be there all the way. That they don't take anything under $250K. He had reviewd all the boxes of documents, . had my deposition and he had a 1st year lawyer do it, they were so unprepared. I knew I was in trouble then. I had the top car experts and the car manufacture had spent over $250K fighting me. I never got my deposition, after requesting it many time, never got any phone calls or e-mail communication, He never informed my original attorney of anything nor did he ever get back to him. He had no idea who I was or what my case was really about. I had a concussion, fractured neck stomach injuries, tore all the ligaments in my shoulder, had 2 major surgeries with the top neurosurgeon in the country, my medical bills were approx. $270k, lost my business, had to pay thousands in medical bills dental.. At mediation the judge told me I had a excellent case and that I would do very well in trial . 2 days before trial . Lira comes to my home and tells me I don't have a good case. That I didn't have a concussion, I couldn't of had all this jaw and dental injuries (he never read the medical reports 1st page stated closed end head injury, facial trauma etc) . He had cancelled my trial date days before he consulted with me, made his deal with the car manufacture, wrote a letter to me before he even saw me and he settled for under $43,000 and he took most of it , left me with a $10,000 bill to my surgeon and $9,000 pending to the dentist and I had to repay medicare. My original attorney tried to salvage my case but was unable to. He took my right of going to trial away from me. If the car manufacture spent over $250k wasn't my case worth more than $43,000.

  • Class Act

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    Never before I have I witnessed professionalism on this scale. After releasing the attorney who bungled my case initially I was referred to Mr. Lira. He and his team at Girardi & Keese worked tirelessly to reach a settlement beyond my expectations.

    The settlement had a confidential clause otherwise I would give you contact info.

    Can't go wrong with this attorney or his firm...good luck.