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Rittenberg vs. General Motors

Practice Area: Defective and dangerous products

Outcome: confidential settlement

Description: Dr. Charles Rittenberg and Dr. Betthe Rittenberg, both second career physicians, were driving back home from a college football weekend in South Carolina when Betthe saw a dog in the highway ahead of her. She moved to avoid the dog; because of the lack of stability of the Suburban she was driving, the car spun out of control, tripped and rolled on and then over the highway. The roof of the Suburban crushed so completely that Betthe's head extended through the driver's side window and was crushed by the roadway. Charles was seriously injured in the accident. Brian Chase was able to convince General Motors that he could demonstrate the inherent weakness of the roof design of the Suburban, and that a very large recovery was probable if the case went to trial.

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