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Matthew Paul Krupnick

About Matthew Krupnick

About me

Born and raised in Southern California, Matthew Krupnick has a history of helping people, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual preference or subject matter.  Mr. Krupnick has established himself as a person, and now an attorney, who cares for the people he is able to help, even if it is at the cost of his own benefit.  As a child and teenager, Mr. Krupnick engrossed himself in Martial Arts, achieving his Second Degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do at the young age of 15 years old.   After years of continuous Martial Arts training in various styles, including Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts, boxing, Kung Fu, Aikido and more, and working as a Martial Arts Instructor teaching adults and children at various world-renowned Martial Arts Dojos, Mr. Krupnick moved from his home town, Westlake Village, to the Los Angeles area where he continues to live and work today.
Mr. Krupnick has taken the skills and knowledge he learned through his rigorous Martial Arts training and transformed them into unique and powerful skills as a litigator.  While maintaining those concepts of respect, control, confidence, and when forced to fight, to fight with only one option, to PREVAIL.
Nowadays, Mr. Krupnick’s “fights” only take place in a courtroom, not in a ring or dojo. However, much like with his opponents in Martial Arts, Mr. Krupnick maintains a high level of honor, dignity and respect with the others involved in the legal dispute, and especially with his firm’s clients.   Having said that, when fighting for clients, Mr. Krupnick has a clear, no-holds-barred approach to keep the pressure on the opposition, fight aggressively, skillfully and with one clear goal:  to acoomplish the best for each client while working within the ethics instilled in Mr. Krupnick by his partner, mentor and mother Vivian, and of course those imposed by the laws of California and those learned through a lifetime of training with the world’s best Martial Artists, and now Litigators.   Mr. Krupnick takes each case for each client very seriously, and fights each one as thought it were his ownly case, and will not back down, now matter who the other side is or what reputation or resources or reputation they might have.   Have faith in Mr. Krupnick, follow his counsel, and he will work so hard to get you what you want that you likely won’t ever want someone else to fight your case for you no matter what the case may be.   If the testimonials don’t help show the overwhelming satisfaction and gratefulness of his clients, then perhaps an in-person meeting with him will help show you that he means business and will instantly let you know you have come to the right law firm for your particular legal needs.  As a natural fighter for any underdog, any case or client represented by the Krupnick Law Firm will quickly realize that they are not only in good hands, hands that they can truly and implicitly trust, but also that they are with a firm that can and will do everything possible to get you amazing results both in the settlement or outcome of your case, but the way the firm treats you throughout the process and beyond its conclusion.
Mr. Krupnick obtained the highly sought after Bachelor’s Degree in Business with an emphasis and an option to specialize in Business Law (where Mr. Krupnick obtained an A – Generally the highest grade in the class – in every single business law class taken during undergraduate studies) at California State University, Northridge (“CSUN”).  Some accomplishments that Mr. Krupnick achieved at CSUN included getting the highest grade in most business law or other legal classes he attended while pursuing his undergraduate degree at CSUN (such as a basic criminal legal class, business law, and others). In addition, Mr. Krupnick was the president of the Business Law and Legal Issues group while a student at CSUN and worked to promote legal education on a practical level even at the undergraduate level.

Mr. Krupnick continued his education at prestigious Pepperdine University School of Law, in Malibu, California where he took part in the world-renowned Alternative Dispute Resolution Program and earned his Juris Doctorate in 2004.  At the young age of 26, Mr. Krupnick passed the California State Bar Exam on his first attempt and then continued his career as a litigator and quickly established himself as a well-respected and honorable attorney within the legal community. Prior to opening his own law firm, Mr. Krupnick spent over 5 years working tirelessly as one of two lawyers in-house at a tremendously busy and successful litigation law firm.  Mr. Krupnick was forced to learn the world of litigation on a fast track based on the busy, successful litigation law firm he worked at for approximately 5 years before going out and opening his own firm.  Mr. Krupnick not only worked and accomplished the work that should have taken four attorneys, but did so with the help of great mentors.  This tremendous experience is certainly part of the reason that Mr. Krupnick has become a well-respected litigator in a relatively short time, and continues to prevail against his adversaries regardless of their size, reputation, funding or anything else.

Mr. Krupnick’s career as an attorney has encompassed a wide range of litigation successes involving serious personal injury matters, malpractice, employment litigation, civil rights matters, and more.
As managing partner and co-owner of KRUPNICK & KRUPNICK, A Professional Law Corporation, Mr. Krupnick proudly represents a diverse clientele from various different communities with clients from all walks of life throughout California and other states.

Mr. Krupnick has litigated thousands of cases throughout California and has consistently advocated not only for the rights of his clients but also for the public’s right to be free from the abuses of the government and powerful private institutions.  Mr. Krupnick also works with his clients to develop their understanding of viable alternatives to litigation, including settlement, mediation, arbitration and more.  Mr. Krupnick has not only participated in hundreds of Alternative Dispute Resolution proceedings with excellent results, but has successfully mediated cases as a mediator of C.A.M.P. Mediation Services (a non-profit organization that provides mediation services and mediators to Courts in California).

In addition, Mr. Krupnick has continuously stayed involved with and is constantly offering and in fact donated his time to a wide range of communty acitivities and charitable and law-related organizations, including, but not limited to: Consumers Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (“C.A.A.L.A.”), the American Bar Association, including subdivisions such as the Young Lawyer’s Division, the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Lawyers Association (including on a National level), Lambda Legal and the Los Angeles County Bar Association.   Further, Mr. Krupnick regularly employs and mentors law students and aspiring, experienced and ambitious paralegals to teach and prepare them for issues relating to real world litigation and the practice of law. Mr. Krupnick loves teaching what he has learned, both in informal settings and in formal teaching situations. For all of these accomplishments and more, Mr. Krupnick has been selected as a “Rising Star” in the popular legal magazine “Super Lawyers” FOR THE PAST FIVE YEARS IN A ROW (a feat virtually unheard of) and as one of the “Top Young Lawyer in Southern California” in the Los Angeles Magazine for the same passed five years in a row.  In 2014, he won one of the most prestigous awards of his career when he was carefully selected as oneo of the best and brightest top ten litigators in the entire State of California under the age of 40 years old.

Mr. Krupnick and his firm continue to provide exceptional legal services while maintaining the highest level of trust and satisfaction between the Firm and its clients. The firm prides itself on proving exceptional legal service, while maintaning the Firm moto: “At L.A. LAW GROUP, you can rest assured that you will always have ATTORNEYS YOU CAN TRUST!”

For more information about Mr. Krupnick or KRUPNICK & AMIRIAN, A Professional Law Corporation, dba L.A. LAW GROUP, please feel free to contact the Firm at any time.

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