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Deian Valentinov Kazachki

About Deian Kazachki

About me

My name is Deian Kazachki or simply "Dan".  I am a lawyer, architect, mediator, arbitrator and a chess player.  I can help you with all sorts of matters - obtaining a divorce, sorting out a custody or child support problem, preparing a contract or a will.  As an architect with over a dozen years experience in the design and construction field I am uniquely qualified to assist design professionals, owners, developers, subcontractors and material suppliers with their business needs.  While most attorneys advertise themselves as being tough and try to build a lucrative litigation practice, I have chosen instead to develop my skills as a negotiator and mediator.  I have lectured on negotiation at state and national conventions and hold a Graduate Certificate in Dispute Resolution from Southern Methodist University.  I have mediated and settled over a hundred family law cases, assisted multiple clients with their negotiations, and arbitrated six construction cases for the Better Business Bureau.

I also love to play chess which requires the ability to think ahead and plan multiple future moves.  Resolving a legal question or dispute is very similar, that is, one must know how to evaluate their position, when to attack, and when to defend.  Call me or email me for a free consultation.

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