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Randi Susan Klein

About Randi Klein

About me

I spent my first eight (8) years of practice in the San Francisco Bay area. I represented clients in a variety of civil and criminal matters. The bulk of my civil practice focused on juvenile dependency and family law. Juvenile dependency cases involve children who have been abused and neglected and placed in foster care while their parents go through rehabilitation. Accordingly, one of the most crucial decisions made about these children, early on, is where they will be placed. Placement in a foster care home or with a suitable relative may determine if they will ultimately be reunited with their biological parents or adopted.


My experience is dependency law has translated well into my current family law practice. It provides me with a unique perspective that other family law practitioners may not possess. Thus, in addition to represening mothers and fathers on a private basis, I am also appointed by local judges to represent children in family law custody disputes.


I relocated to Southern California in May 1999. My current practice includes family law with an emphasis on child custody and child support. Approximately ten percent (10%) of my practice is devoted to debt collection.