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Juvenile Looking at 29-Life Settled for 6-months Camp

Case Conclusion Date: 06.22.2011

Practice Area: Juvenile law

Outcome: 6-months Camp for a Sealable Offense

Description: Juvenile client charged with two separate incidents of criminal threats (PC422) and witness intimidation (PC136.1(a)(2) against a witness testifying against her boyfriend. All four counts had gang allegations (PC186.22) as well. The DA's office had filed a fitness motion to get the court to send the case to adult court, where client was looking at a potential sentence of 29 years-to-Life. Worked up the case and convinced the prosecutor to withdraw the fitness motion and agree to an admission of one count of PC422 with no gang allegations for 6 month boot camp and probation, a charge that will still allow the minor to seal their record then they turn 18 year old.

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