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Hooman Kazemi

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  • When a sentence has been served, does the defendant still have to post a bond to get out of jail?

    when my son has served the 45 days of his sentence, will a bond still be needed or does he just get released?

    Hooman’s Answer

    I am only licensed to practice in the state of California and this is not intended to be legal advice or create any type of attorney-client relationship. The answer below is for informational purposes only.

    Generally speaking, judges set bail in criminal cases to secure the attendance of a defendant at future court dates pending resolution of the case. If your son has been convicted or accepted a plea bargain, the criminal court no longer has those concerns. Assuming he has no other legal issues, including but not limited to outstanding warrants from other courts or pending immigration proceedings, he will be released from custody upon completion of his jail sentence. Depending on the terms of the sentence, however, he may have additional court dates and/or probation conditions with which he must comply.

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