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Stephen Ross Cohen

About Stephen Cohen

About me

I have practiced  since 1974 (40 years).  Trials covering family, criminal, real estate, personal injury, probate and contract law.  My clients have included entertainers, judges, attorneys and law enforcement officials.  I will not name them,  all clients deserve privacy!


I am limiting my cases to Los Angeles and Orange County in California

1.criminal such as, white collar crimes or serious felonies (including sexual misconduct with minors),

2. accidents involving serious injuries ( broken bones, damaged organs) .

3 Family Law and Divorces : support, modifications, collections, custody, property disputes


 I am often consulted by other attorneys and work with experts : doctors, accident reconstructionists, economists, jury consultants, psychiatrists, certified public accountants which can be used and justify their fees in cases of large damages.


I do not wish to offend anyone, but my skills in trial have been forged in battle  I do not  consider  saving money to represent my clients to the best of my ability and use every necessary tool at my disposition. 


If you want to win and are willing to pay the costs, please feel free to call and schedule an appointment . You get what you pay for, saving a few dollars can cost thousands if you hire the wrong attorney!