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Bradley B Anderson

Bradley Anderson’s Legal Guides

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  • 9 Steps For Keeping Kids Safe

    Most people with minor children assume (if they have thought about it at all) that naming a guardian in their Will is all that is necessary to provide for the children. Anyone who has lived through the nightmare of losing parents at a young age will tell you it is much more than that.

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  • 9 Steps to Keeping Your Children Safe

    Choose a long-term guardian and at least one alternate and legally document your choice. Keep in mind that the only place you can legally nominate your preference for the guardian of your children is in a will. If you are choosing to make the will your estate plan, as well, yo...

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  • Pet Trusts

    What is a Pet Trust? Simply put a pet trust is a way of assuring that you have taken care of the other loved ones in your family. Hopefully, you have thought about establishing your own estate plan. You have decided who is going to manage your affairs, you have determined how you...

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  • What Mere Mortals Should Know About Estate Planning

    Basic Estate Planning Whether you currently have a living trust or a will or have not yet done anything, you should consider a visit with an estate planning attorney. Typically, as is the case in ou

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