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Shawn G. Pearson

Shawn Pearson’s Legal Guides

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  • Nevada Short Sales and Foreclosures: 2011 Legislative Update

    Shawn G. Pearson Woodburn and Wedge (775) 688-3017 SUMMARY OF 2011 CHANGES TO NEVADA LAW GOVERNING FORECLOSURE AND SHORT SALE Old Rule New Rule Comments Foreclosure Deficiency Action by First Lien Holder: Statute of limita...

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  • Best Practices for Dissolving a Nevada Corporation

    Best Practices for Dissolving a Nevada Corporation Eventually it happens to every corporation the time comes for the corporations affairs to be wound up and its assets distributed. Hopefully the assets are distributed among the corporations stockholders, but sometimes the a...

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  • Commercial Lease Workouts in Nevada

    The commercial leasing market in Northern Nevada has become extremely challenging in the last several years. Tenants face declining revenues, fewer sources of credit, and bleak economic projections. Landlords struggle with similar problems. Vacancies are up, rents are dropping...

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