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Kimberly Mae Surratt

About Kimberly Surratt

About me

Kimberly M. Surratt, Esq. is a graduate of the University of Nevada and the Golden Gate University, School of Law. She has a license to practice law in both Nevada and California, USA.  


Ms. Surratt is a highly respected attorney throughout the United States and Internationally.  She travels around the world to promote and speak on surrogacy and family formation law.  Her practice consists of clients from all of the world including but not limited to:  Israel, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Canada, Australia, China, Argentina, Spain and more.  


Ms. Surratt draft and lobbied the current Assisted Reproductive Law in the State of Nevada that includes gender neutral and marital status neutral options for people wanting to be parents throught surrogacy, gestational carrier agreements, egg donations, embryo donations, sperm donations, third party reproduction, guardianships and adoptions. 


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