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Husna F. Alikhan

Husna Alikhan’s Legal Guides

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  • Seven Requirements for Naturalization

    There are seven basic requirements that a permanent resident must fulfill before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service will allow him/her to become a United States citizen. 1. Be at le

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    In the State of Nevada, a couple can secure a divorce in approximately three to six weeks. Currently, there are twenty family law departments in Clark County, Nevada. Once a case has been e-filed, a particular department and case number is randomly assigned to that case. If all t...

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  • Spousal Immigration / Marriage Green Cards

    When a United States Citizen marries a foreign visitor / student / employee or any other individual who entered the United States with inspection, s/he he can petition their foreign spouse without the spouse having to leave the United States.In other words, the foreign spouse n...

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