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Dillon Gardner Coil

Dillon Coil’s Legal Guides

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  • What is a Petition to Terminate Parental Rights?

    Do I need an attorney to file a petition to terminate parental rights? It is always important to seek competent legal counsel before filing a Petition to Terminate Parental Rights. Nevada law require

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  • Can a Stepparent Adopt a Stepchild in Nevada?

    Why is Stepparent Adoption So Common? Stepparent adoption usually takes place when a divorced spouse who has custody of the children from the previous marriage remarries and the new stepparent desire

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  • The FMP - Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program

    What is the Purpose of the Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program? The new program is designed to help alleviate some of the pressure Nevadans are currently feeling due the housing crisis, as Nevada cu

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  • Green Cards and Permanent Residency

    What is a Green Card? A green card is a common way to refer to the government-issued card provided to individuals with lawful permanent residence status in the United States. The name is based on the

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  • Understanding Postadoptive Contact Agreements in Nevada

    How do Postadoptive Contact Agreements become enforceable? According to NRS 127.187, for Postadoptive Contact Agreements to be enforceable they must be in writing and signed by the birth parents and

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