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Jonathan Craig Reed

About Jonathan Reed

About me

    We aggressively represent victims of car, boat and truck accidents, as well as victims of defective products and defective premises whether the premise defect is a swimming pool with a broken gate latch that a toddler wanders into or a hazardous walking surface that causes a fall. We have represented people with profound brain injuries and have successfully sued for wrongful death in many cases.


     In addition, we represent victims of legal malpractice.


     For uncontested probate cases I believe we are the high quality, low cost probate lawyers in Las Vegas. There are economies of scale in probate cases that we can pass on to our clients. See our fees at  In an uncontested probate case the amount of money in the estate is a fixed amount; being creative and aggressive can't add money to a dead person's bank account. However, for personal injury cases we do not attempt to compete against other lawyers on the basis of cost except for favorable police report accidents discussed at our website For these favorable police report accident we charge a low 25% contingency fee which is a no-gimmick low contingency fee in contrast to almost all of our low cost competitors whose small print says the contingency fee will go up to 40% or more is suit has to be filed.


     However, for other personal injury cases where both liability and damages are at issue we charge the more common 33.33% to 40% contingency fee.