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FTC vs. Anderson

Case Conclusion Date: 06.10.1998

Practice Area: Estate planning

Outcome: Recovery for Plaintiffs on a Offshore Fraud Scheme

Description: This is one of the most important estate planning cases involving offshore asset protection and fraud prosecution. This case originated with Attorney Rob Graham when he was retained by investors (Eight Enterprise v. Sterling Investments) to determine the status of an investment. Because of his background in prosecuting racketeering, Graham immediately determined that the matter was a Ponzi/Fraud scheme and reported it to the FTC. He developed a strategy that the FTC followed in holding some of the parties associated with the fraud liable personally -- including the strategy to place the individuals in jail if they did not cooperate in bringing back money from offshore accounts into the United States and prosecuting the Defendants in the Cook Islands. This case is still widely cited by those litigating over offshore accounts and assets and estate planning. (Las Vegas Review-Journal, Wed, 10 June 1998)

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