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Marc John Randazza

Marc Randazza’s Legal Guides

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  • Nevada's NEW Anti-SLAPP Statute

    Nevadas Anti-SLAPP statute, codified as NRS 41.635-70, recently received a much-needed revision. The new law takes effect on October 1, 2013 and features a number of improvements for Nevadas existing Anti-SLAPP statutes. The following is an explanation of the new statute. Activi...

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  • Arizona Defamation and Matters of Opinion

    With increasing frequency, targets of negative opinions online are turning to the courts to manage the damage to their reputation that negative reviews can cause. This is short-sighted and usually not likely to result in a successful lawsuit.

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  • Suing for Internet defamation in Florida? Make sure you pick the right venue.

    If you file a defamation suit, make sure you do it in the right place. One part of the equation is jurisdiction - does the court have jurisdiction over the case and over the defendant. However, an oft-overlooked issue in Florida defamation law is the issue of venue. Lets presum...

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  • Nevada's Anti-SLAPP Law

    Nevadas Anti-SLAPP statute is codified as NRS 41.635-70. There is little case lawinterpreting it. However, Nevada courts have held that Nevadas Anti-SLAPP statute should beread similarly to Californias, upon which it is based. Activities Covered by the Nevada Anti-SLAPP statute ...

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