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John D. Jones

John Jones’s Legal Guides

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  • Must I Have a Prenup?

    Many people believe that aprenuptial agreementis the only way to ensure a simple divorce if wedded bliss turns to dissatisfaction, but such an unromantic legal machination is not always necessary. A prenuptial agreement might be necessary if either spouse owns a company prior to ...

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  • SB 277 Gives Minors Misdemeanor For Inappropriate Texting

    Any parent of a teenager in the modern era of instant and high definition technology has concerns about the manner in which their child or children are utilizing this technology. Although we as parents always hope to raise moral children, it is unrealistic to think that our chil...

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  • Child Support Modification During Recessions

    The economic downturn over the past two to three years led to a great rise in litigation in Family Court. In many cases, the loss of a job or the closure of a family-owned business caused a legitimate reason for the payors ofchild supportto receive a reduction in their child sup...

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  • What are the different types of mediation in a divorce or domestic relation case?

    John D. Jones, Esq., explains the difference between the different mediation's available in a divorce or domestic relations case and the benefits of each.

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