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Greta Muirhead

Greta Muirhead’s Legal Guides

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  • Grandparents and Custody: Making Your Situation Legal in Nevada

    Why are you raising your grandchild? You're raising your grandchild because your grandkid's parent is using drugs, is in prison, an alcoholic or can't be bothered taking care of his or her own child.

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  • How and Why Do you Need to Establish Paternity in Nevada? Tips for Fathers Seeking Custody

    I have a son or daughter, but am not married to the mother and am NOT on the birth certificate. If you are not listed as father on the birth certificate, then you need to establish paternity. Eithe

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  • How is child support calculated in Nevada when other side has primary physical custody?

    I'm the Non-Custodial Parent--the other Parent has Primary Physical--What's my child Support? If you work hourly, take your hourly wage multiply that by the number of hours you work per week (usually

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  • How to Handle Dispute with My Own Lawyer Over Fees Charged--Nevada

    I paid my lawyer and he never did any work for me. Lawyers are paid for not only work actually preformed, but for their time, advice and expertise. If you didn't receive anything of value and you ha

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  • What Happens at a Family Court (TPO) Hearing in Nevada?

    I Was in a Fight with my Spouse, the police were called. The police will interview both parties if they are available and will look for obvious injuries. If they can determine who the aggressor was,

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  • Oops...Didn't see that Police Car...Now What?---Southern Nevada (Las Vegas) Traffic Stops

    What to say to the police officer? If it is obvious the police officer is going to write you a ticket, say as little as possible. Answer his questions politely, but don't volunteer any information.

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  • How to Modify Child Support Due to Job Loss in Nevada

    Your situation has changed--Job Loss or Less Hours If you have lost your job and getting unemployment benefits, make a photocopy showing total amount of benefits awarded, date lost job and when benef

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