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Richard Edmund Hawkins

About Richard Hawkins

About me

I am an attorney, an Economics professor, and a software developer.


My practice today consists primarily of bankruptcy and business law, and the related fields, such as mortgage modification, short sales and debt settlement.


In addition to my law degree, I hold a Ph.D. in Economcis and Statistics (thus the references to "Doc" and "dochawk.".)  I taught at Penn State for five years before returning to Las Vegas.


While I handled bankruptcies prior to obtaining the Ph.D., and even wrote the in-house software used on them in the 1990s, I find the work today far more satisfying.  Today, most of the people and business I work with need the help because of something that has happened--job loss, employer bankrtupcy, and so forth.  Today, the debtor that simply spent without thinking is the exception, rather than the common case.

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